I will write about citations again today because I was reminded of an incident from my postdoctoral days. I had finished a draft of the first paper related to my postdoctoral research and had given it to my supervisor to read. He was rather notorious for taking a long time to read manuscripts and then not having many comments. Another postdoc had warned me not to expect to see the manuscript again for weeks (if I was lucky) and then to be underwhelmed by the input. Another postdoc was visiting me in my office just then. He said “This can’t be good.” We shook hands, and he wished me luck in my new career, whatever it might be, and said it had been nice knowing me. With a staggering amount of trepidation, I went down the hall to see my supervisor, whom everyone called “The Big Guy”. The Big Guy had the print-out of the manuscript on his desk, and he was shuffling through the pages. He handed me the page in question, which had the place for the missing citation noted. I just stood there, waiting for what came next. So I lived to tell the tale. And I added the citation. Our assumption was that since we were not like that (in our 20’s), it must be something that happens to you later in your career. So now the question is: Am I like that? Does anyone think there is a generational aspect to citation-obsession? I fear that the real answer is “All of the above”.

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This includes assessing the organization’s strategy and market position. · What is the target market (target customer)? · What is your organization’s value proposition (How does it deliver value that satisfies the target’s wants and needs?)? · How is your product or service positioned in the market (What specific features and attributes define the product/service and how is its value reflected in its pricing, distribution, marketing communications, etc.?)? · How is your organization sustainably different from your competitors (What is the source of uniqueness and how sustainable is it from being diminished by competitors?)? A SWOT analysis is a strategy planning tool that examines both internal and external environments for factors and trends that should shape planning and operations over the next five years. Environmental factors internal to the company are classified as strengths (to be leveraged) or weaknesses (to be mitigated), while external factors are classified as either opportunities (to be pursued) or threats (to be monitored and responded to). · What advantages does your organization have? · What do you do better than anyone else?

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