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They wanted to vent, for they felt some core belief of theirs was being attacked. One example was an angry commentator. Angell left a picture that was easily traced to his Facebook account. Whether he met to keep it open or not is hard to say. Either way, his account revealed that he was into UFOs, conspiracy theories and (you probably guessed it) pyramids. Most likely his beliefs came from an off-shoot of the Nation of Islam in which members of this group spelled their names with two ‘L”, hence his name -which immediately sent my spell-speck into overdrive. He was one of two people whose belief systems came through. The other felt I was jumping to conclusions of debunking the myth because people did the same thing to the Bosnian Pyramids. I have suspicions that many of the other commentators had ulterior motives. Many were quick to defend the possibility that the pyramids existed, and were willing – it seems – to ignore all evidence that they were not real.

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