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It also stated that the majority had to be clear and that Canada has to negotiate with Quebec if they vote YES on the referendum. And it adds that if Quebec separates, yes, they would be smaller in territory. Quebec responded to the Clarity Act by passing Bill 99. It basically says that Quebec alone shall determine the Question. 1 and the territory can not and will not be altered in any way. But even if the Clarity Act is superior to Bill 99, that won’t stop Quebec from doing anything because what if Quebec wants a referendum. So they write a question. If Canada rejects it, Quebec will still go ahead with that same Question because in their Bill it says that Quebec alone shall determine the Question. They believe that Canada should have no role in it. So if they go ahead with that Question and the public votes Yes, then Canada would have to negotiate.

But they won’t because Quebec broken the Clarity Act by using the rejected Question. So Quebec would just separate. It would be called Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). So if this happens then there might be a civil war within Canada. But for sure Canada will bring in the army. If Canada brought in the army for the FLQ crisis and the Oka crisis, which were relatively small compared to this, then we must conclude that Canada would call in the army. And maybe if things get heated up, there might be a civil war. So this could cause a lot of problems. This would happen if you chose the Clarity Act, though. You can order a high-quality custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation, speech, book report or book review from our professional custom writing service. We have employed more than 700 highly qualified Ph.D. Master’s academic writers to provide students with professional academic writing help. Feel free to contact our company right now!

As you become better with landing all your vowel and consonant sounds, then you can begin to pull back and speak “normal,” because your normal speech should now have a crisper sound. As you over-emphasize, if you look ridiculous in practice doing sample sentences you are doing it right. 3. Slow down. What constitutes regular speaking speed in daily conversation is usually WAY too fast for an Original Oratory. Slow down Speed Racer! Most speakers feel as if they are talking too slowly when they hit the right speed, so do not be alarmed. Do however rehearse your speech speed at practice to be sure you are not over-compensating and moving at a sloth’s pace–that hardly is the case though! These are your words, show your love of them. Personally, an Original Oratory that is delivered with a hermetically sealed cover is boring. Speakers who believe their words and show attachment towards them get audience support.

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