South Florida University Library Development


The plans put forth by the University of South Florida to increasing library’s efficiency concerning its libraries may take different strategies. The aim of the university is to achieve a 24-hour working session to cater for other students and their demands. The proposed recommendations in this sector aim at increasing the access of all the journals and books of the library. Extension of the operating hours within the library is also proposed. Adding to the already existing systems is a recommendation of financing the operation of the library in terms of resources.


Instituting a Two-Way Module Program for Students

To operate efficiently the library needs to respond to the studying needs of the part-time students and the Ph.D. students that operate mostly during the night. The fixed schedules of the students under the part-time and Ph.D. programs make the night shift operations a necessary factor in ensuring the success of an all-rounded operation (Sharma 8).

The limited capacity of the library and school programs has made it necessary for the educational institution to institute flexibility. For example, the multitasking nature of Ph.D. students has made it a difficult factor in organizing their schedules towards day shift studies. The current strategy used in running the operations of the University of South Florida library makes it rigid and prone to protest.

One of the solutions that can apply in elevating the problem related to the inflexibility of the library operations involves instituting a two-way module. The two-way university operation module would involve night operations in which the other students can access library services for 24 hours. The advantages of this recommendation are that it allows for quality flexible systems in which the part-time, full-time,, as well as the Ph.D. students, may get adequate physical access to the school libraries. Supporting this approach would imply that there would be additional enrollment to the courses in the school. Such approaches would lead to maximum usage of library capacity. This method may not succeed due to large financial commitments required. Currently, an assistant librarian at USF earns an average of $24, 000 per year. The salary implies that the educational center would require catering for an average of ten staffs to operate in the night shift duties. The security issues would also be a factor since the physical security would be mandatory due to the physical presence of the students.

Extension of the Normal Working Hours of the University Library by 4 Hours

Another solution that can be applied is the extension of the normal working hours of the university library by 4 hours. The following data shows the current operations of the library and the expected outcome when the four hours have been added (USF, University of South Florida).

Days of the weekCurrent timeExpected opening and closing time (normal +4hrs)
Sunday-ThursdayTen am to Midnight10:00 am to 4:00 am
FridayTen am to 5:00 pm10:00 am to 9:00 pm
SaturdayTen am to 6:00 pm10:00 am to 10:00 pm


The strategy would work well due to the amount of resources that would be necessary for developing the increased hours operation and access of the library service. The library staff can be based on bonuses such as increased pay rates per hour that allow the university to spend less on the staff (USF, University of South Florida). This method is an effective way increasing flexibility and additional operation schedules for the students within the university. This approach would also provide a short-term strategy for achieving the long-term goals of the university. This approach also serves as a revolution towards a 24-hour operation. This approach may have some disadvantages under normal operations since it is not an achievement of the 24-hour operation of the library services. The strategy may also fail to be operational since it may lock other students out of the library operations.


Financing the company is the central way to achieve a complete 24-hour operation. According to the analysis of the operations of the library, the cost of operating the library calls for different staffs like the librarian and assistant librarians. These people would have to monitor the physical presence in the library as well as performing office duties. Due to the inability to print and scan all the books and journals in the library into the database, the investment in the physical control may become an issue of concern (Davies et al. 178). The physical control in the library system would involve the payment of regular salaries to the staff members of the library (Sharma 8). Increasing the number of staff in USF by 50% would ensure that there would be a night shift operation. Assigning the university development funds would be necessary for funding the cost. The cost is expected to increase by half of the already existing cost. This aspect would be possible due to the preference by the part-time and Ph.D. students to attend the night classes and readings. This method is the most convenient one since it is easy to implement and to operate.


The increase in the number of resourses(financial) as a way of developing the 24-hour operations of the library is the best method of increasing the access of the University of South Florida. This method would ensure that the physical operation of the library is always an ongoing practice. The need to access the book reserves in USF library is an essential move in creating a 24-hour operation for the students. This way ensures that the resources of the library are accessible to students both day and night.

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