Research papers are longer write ups as compared to the curriculum essays. Hence writing a research paper involves all the steps involved in writing a common essay along with few additional steps and meticulously written information which can be presented to the University board for your higher grades. To write a research paper one needs to do a huge amount of research than compared to writing a normal essay. Your information should be highly authentic and should be substantiated by proofs, documents and figures appropriately without which it can?t be considered as authentic information. Research paper can be written by investigation of information and variety of topics from magazines, news papers, books and internet. You should appropriately document the sources you have taken the information from while writing your research papers which increases the reliability of your research paper submitted. Here are the steps you should follow in writing a qualitative research paper.

  • Pick an appropriate topic which you have thorough knowledge and which you feel can investigate and arrange the information with substantiation. Always look from your audience point of view and think about the latest trend and technology which can create interest in your readers while selecting the topic. Narrow down the topic to a particular zone if your topic is too huge to write in just a few pages. Brainstorm to analyze which are the key points that you should include in your paper.
  • Look for appropriate sources to gain more knowledge on the topic that you are attempting to write the research paper. You can find lot of useful information in books, internet, television programs, newspapers and magazines.
  • You can read all your sources and note down the important and relevant points pertinent to your topic. Make sure you follow the copyright laws and quote the sources for the statements you make appropriately.
  • Organize all the information you have gathered and try to collect authenticated proofs to substantiate your arguments.
  • This is just like writing any essay or an article, but it can be called as a super set of an essay. Just make an initial draft and slowly improve upon what you have written. Any research paper comprises of basic three parts- the introduction, body and the conclusion part. The purpose of introduction is to let the user have a brief introduction about your topic. The body of the paper should be substantiated with more valuable information about the topic. The conclusion part just summarizes what the whole research paper says.
  • Always write a bibliography. You might be using jargon words all over your research paper which may not be understandable to any common man. Hence in order to ease your audience always remember to write the bibliography or appropriate dictionary meanings of all the jargon words.
  • Once you write your research paper, it is not all over. You might have to revisit many a times in order to edit, correct mistakes and re-arrange the sentences in order to make it more thorough and easily understandable and make it look more professional.
  • After making all the changes just proof read it once for any mistakes left out before making your final submission.


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