Strategic Management

Discussion question:

The discussion question is based on previous questions over Coca Cola Company….

Using the company/product/service on which you have focused in prior units, discuss the portfolio associated with it (other products or services offered by the same company). Think of the associated products and apply them to the Boston Consulting Group’s portfolio analysis grid. Which ones are stars, cows, dogs, or question marks? This may require some research about the company and its products, so be sure to add the sources you have used for your information. Please note that this is not an opinion piece. You need to research the company’s products or services through the use of outside sources so you can quantify market share, profit contribution, or some other metric that helps signify how the company’s products or services contribute to your company’s health.




Based on previous group assignment on Apple iPhone….

Regarding the six paths to creating blue oceans…. Write an analysis on paths 5 and 6  as they pertain to Apple IPhone -develop at least two new strategies based on those 2 paths and write a description of the plan.


Determine what can be done (or has been done) to appeal to customer tiers outside your target market (The 3 tiers of non customers). Develop at least one new strategy to appeal to one or more of these groups, and write a description of that plan.