Strategic Management Assignment – Singpost (Singapore postal service)

Selected Company: Singpost (Singapore postal service)


Introduction (100 words)

-Description of the company and the nature of its business and other relevant facts


Company Background (100 words)

-What the Strategic management of the company?


Country Background (100 words)

-Why is Singapore a good place for postal services?


PESTEL Analysis (500 words) – Please include a PESTEL Diagram

Clear explanations of PESTEL and the relationships between the elements of PESTEL


Porter’s Five Forces Analysis(500 words)

Analysis of chosen company was well-related to Porter’s 5 forces and supported with relevant evidence.


Four Strategic Recommandations (600 words)

Recommendation is well considered and takes in account the analysis of the company & are management related


Conclusion (100 words)

Insightful and relates well to the analysis of the company



2000 words (+/-10%)

15 Acadamic References

APA, in-text citations

Arial 12, 1.5 Spacing

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