Get help for Strayer-University HUM 111 Homework Help. • Chapter 2 (pp. Click on the color and black and white images and read the captions and information. • From the samples of Egyptian love poetry, identify one (1) or two (2) lines that you especially enjoy or find interesting, and compare this poetry to some aspect of modern life. Next, describe two (2) aspects of Egyptian mummification and the early Egyptians’ beliefs related to mummification that you find surprising or intriguing. These funerary practices were driven by certain Egyptian ideas of the afterlife; compare these to modern beliefs and practices. • Chapter 3 (p. • Describe two (2) specific aspects about the Great Wall of China, such as facts about its size, length, purposes, varied materials, labor force, and its phases of construction. Consider the various purposes of such a wall and its impact for good or bad, and compare the Chinese wall in this respect to some specific wall of more modern times. • Chapter 7 (pp. • Identify two (2) specific aspects of Angkor Wat, and discuss the significant concepts about the history or beliefs of Hinduism that these aspects reveal. Provide a rationale for your response. Compare this temple complex and its symbolic functions to a specific modern day religious or political center. • Chapter 11 (pp. • Describe the main ancient Greek competitive character(s), and compare the ancient Olympics (as a festival featuring athletics) to the Olympics today, identifying any major differences. Explain what the Olympic rules regarding females and evidence, such as the “running girl” artifact, reveal about female status and Greek athletics in particular Greek city-states. Provide a rationale for your response. • Chapter 4 (p. Olympics. Chapters 4 and 5 (pp.

It was applied by Spike Lee and it means “super-duper magical negro” (Kempley, p.67) According to this stereotypes African Americans can possess some magical abilities, such as Voodoo magic and so on. Despite slavery and segregation are left in the past, there are a lot of cases of discrimination and racism in contemporary American society. Even modern mass media depicts African Americans as less intellectual as white Americans. A lot of famous people show their scornful attitude towards black people. Spike Lee, a famous film director, comments this situation in a such way: “In my neighborhood, we looked up to athletes, guys who got the ladies, and intelligent people,” said Lee. Among African American population exists a stereotype that every second white person either despises or undervalues African Americans. There is also a stereotype that White-Americans are too self-confident and ambitious and so do not accept black Americans as equal citizens. Stereotypes neither about African Americans nor about White Americans can be justified.

They are generally based on controversial and problematic past. The ground is usually subjective evaluation of these or those people without any obvious evidence. Specialists (Hall, Marvin) distinguish three main integrative strategies that are used by the African Americans while adopting white culture. They include multicultural strategy, separation and assimilation (acculturation). Multicultural strategy presupposes fusion or integration and alteration. This strategy is aimed to reserve ethnic identity but at the same time join American society. This strategy means peaceful co-existence of numerous nations without cultural confusion. One of the most radical strategies of integration into the American society can be the organization of separate African American schools, communities, businesses, housing and so on. Supporters of this concept state that it will end racial discrimination (Hall, Hoges, Welch). Nevertheless, most scientists suppose that this policy is more segregation than integration and that it will just complicate relations between black and white Americans. Separate schools, hospitals and other institutions created additional barriers between African Americans and white population.

They state that it will be degradation in black-white relations. This strategy implementation helps African Americans to save their ethnic identity but it does not guarantee normal relations in the whole American society. Assimilation or so-called acculturation strategy assumes solution of African culture in American one without preserving of its peculiarities. Education has become an important social mechanism, which is used for both – getting rid of unbalance between two groups and making this unbalance stronger. This approach is not widely used recently. Welch and Hoges developed their own methods, which help to construct academic identity among African Americans. Worse status presupposes worse conditions of life, worse conditions of life, in their turn, guarantee population’s dissatisfaction. The official statistics show that white people predominate in housing, economics, healthcare and education in American society. For more than 30 years African-Americans have been fighting for their equal rights and, of course, some prominent achievements have been made. The percentage of Afro-American managers has increased but at the same time powerful decision-making jobs are not still widely available for them.

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