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Structural Engineering is a special stream of civil engineering that is concerned with various features of man-made or natural structures. A structural engineer is normally involved in multiple activities like research, planning, constructing, maintaining, designing and rehabilitation etc. of permanent and temporary structures. The professionals in this field also consider the aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects of structures.
Structural Engineering – An overview

Structural engineering is a creative profession that contributes significantly to the development of infrastructure, planning of a township or city and development of a residential complex etc. Government of a country or local authorities often takes advice from these professionals before planning new projects for various reasons.

Responsibilities of structural engineers
A structural engineer plays very important role in any construction process. It is understood that structural engineering is a part of civil engineering. They are concerned mainly with the designing and physical structure of a project that may be a building, bridge, and tunnel, etc. A structural engineer performs wide range of responsibilities with a sole motto to ensure safety, durability and magnificence of a project. In a structural engineering course, apart from normal lessons and subjects in civil engineering, students are taught applied mechanics, mathematics, three dimensional concepts and many other subjects related to this stream of engineering.
Broadly speaking, as a professional, a structural engineer bears the following responsibilities –
• A structural engineer is given the responsibility of surveying a site to investigate and inspect sustainability of the earth for a project. The capacity of the earth to accept load of a construction like multi-storied building or a bridge is also surveyed by a structural engineer.
• The structural engineer also can be given the job of designing a construction work.
• Structural engineers are required to coordinate and consult with other members or professionals in a project like civil engineers, Architects, Environmental scientists, Material engineer etc.

Features of Structural Engineering courses
Structural engineering courses are very specialized stream of study where the students are given classes and trainings to become Quality in structural engineering functions. It involves a wide array of subjects with regular classes, tasks in every class, practical training programs and multiple of assignments.
It is obvious that becoming a structural engineer, the students need to involve substantial amount of time and commitment, including a focus on professional development. But, the stream also needs constant learning as newer processes and systems are continuously coming up with different aspects of applications. The demand for structural engineers is very high, as throughout the world rapid urbanization and infrastructural works are going on.
Some very common subjects taught in structural engineering are as follows –
• Advanced structural analysis and dynamics
• 3-D structures and their various properties
• Applied engineering mechanics
• Applied mathematics
• Computational modeling of nonlinear problems
• Structural design and planning
• Advanced soil mechanics
• Wind engineering and application
• Structural concrete and its properties

Apart from these courses students are given projects in the form of assignments that involve thorough research on the project topics and in-depth analysis.
Aims of structural engineering courses
After successful completion of a course, a structural engineering student gains Qualities in different fields of the stream –
• The student gets up to date training and knowledge on the subject including civil and mechanical engineering.
• The student develops ability to research on any open ended problem and work out solutions for the same.
• The student learns to assist in the structural design and evaluation processes to make a project more realistic and adaptable.
• The student becomes a Quality in adopting measures that are more environment friendly and energy saving.
• The student becomes a Quality in studying quality of the earth and sustainability of a project if materialized.

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