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Especially Wendy Triffitt’s views (2002), that a weekly review of all work done in a module should take place at the weekend. In addition she believes that study periods should be planned to follow classes, (see appendix 2). This is something I may well look into doing next term. I can also appreciate the views of Roger Black (1987, chapter 10) who believes a diary should be “A notebook for every area of your life, whether home or work related”. My current diary is nowhere near that complicated nor would I feel comfortable in having every activity I do dictated to me by a diary. According to K. Semons (1991) while making an analogy with the “you are what you eat” phrase, states “you are what you read” (K. I share his opinion as I have found projects and essays, etc, which I have researched meticulously for have been a lot better than those that I haven’t.

The first source of information I considered was books, however I quickly realised that these possessed one big flaw. As I had to produce an article on up to date issues, I needed all my sources to be as up to date as possible. The books in the Nottingham Trent University weren’t outdated but they were defiantly not as up to date as I would have liked. This is why I only used one book, “Business Information Systems” as a source of information. When I first thought of using journals this seemed like a very good source of information. I thought they would be up to date and that I would gain extra credit for including them. However, in practise this wasn’t the case, I found it almost impossible to find a journal with the relevant information. This is why I opted not to use a real journal as a source for my article.

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