In today’s world, technology plays a crucial role in almost every sector as well as in our personal lives. Out of all of the industries that technology plays a paramount role in, healthcare is definitely one of the most important. Medical technology is a broad field where innovation plays a vital role in health-care. Areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, the development of medical devices and equipment, and more have all made significant contributions to improving the health of people all around the world (Protti D, Peel V. 1998). Concepts on health and behaviors are determined by communication, information and technology that people relate with every day. Health information technologies are fundamental to health care, public health and the perception of the society on health issues (Huston, C. 2014). Effective use of communication and technology in health care can be used to improve health care safety and quality, increase efficiency of health care service delivery, support care in the community and at home, build health skills and knowledge and facilitate clinical and consumer decision making. Each person has the ability to take care of his/her health and those they care for. There have been increases in complexity of health care information, services and technology which can be used to provide health care to the public (Cazolne 2010). Health care information will have a positive impact by providing self-management tools and resources, enabling quick and informed action to health risks and public health emergencies and providing sound principles in the design of programs and interventions that result in healthier behaviors.

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