The Burgeoning Use of Social Media Across the Globe – Is It A Boon or Curse?

[ad_1] Social media is the buzzword of the current century, thanks to the broad availability of mobile devices across the globe. While you are away from your dear ones, this medium keeps you connected with all. In the older days, Read more

Help Wipe Away Mermaids’ Tears – Plastic Pellets Look Like Fish Eggs to Birds

[ad_1] “Micro-plastics – defined as any plastic particle less than 5mm in diameter, which can readily be ingested by an organism – mostly arise from the breakdown of larger fragments. Others consist of plastic resin pellets – used as a Read more

Fraud In English Language Education – Keep Your Money Safe From Criminals

[ad_1] FRAUD used by SCHOOLS Students want to attend high quality established schools. Schools will use fraud to attract students to their school or attempt to appear more established to qualify for government programs or association membership. Schools that claim Read more