How Many Books Will I Sell During My Book Launch? Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Authors

[ad_1] As a book promotion expert, I receive a LOT of requests for consultations from authors who are preparing to publish their books. Some are experienced authors who have published in the past, either self-published or through a royalty publisher. Others are first-time (and usually self-published) authors. During our initial consultation, I tend to hear […]

Manifesting Our Potential

[ad_1] The New Year often inspires people to manifest their potential. Yet, how often do we hear someone say one month after the New Year has begun that they have given up on their resolution? They may make excuses by blaming others, their lack of time or resources, or just about anything outside of themselves […]

Children’s Books to Save the Bedtime Read

[ad_1] Reading with a child at bedtime is an age-old custom that is repeated from generation to generation. It is one of the most treasured memories of childhood for many adults and one that they would like their children to share. Reading a book at bedtime can extend and adapt the filial bond through years […]

Silicone Breast Implant Ruptures and Leaks: Symptoms And Treatments

[ad_1] If a lady has had breast augmentation, there is a small chance that her implants may rupture or leak at some point in the future. Although the risks of this happening are small, read this article to learn more about the symptoms and cures of this condition. Symptoms Often implant ruptures have no symptoms […]

The Truth about Colossus: Are You Just A Magnetic Image?

[ad_1] What is Colossus? Colossus is software licensed to about twenty-five insurance companies to aid in lending the settlement value of claims. The insurance industry maintains it is a useful tool because it considers a great many factors, and the settlement values ​​are just a range for use in any way the insurer wishes. The […]