How to Develop a Magnetic Gaze That Attracts Anyone Anytime (Part I)

How would you like to have a gaze that attracts people to you? It becomes impossible to look away from your eyes. They magnetically attract others. Imagine that while you’re talking with someone from the opposite sex they just can’t look away. You have something that fascinates other people: profound and meaningful eyes. If no one complemented your eyes, they will just after you practice the magnetic gaze.

Who I learned the magnetic Gaze

I’m a scholar of the occult and esoteric disciplines. This was something that always fascinated me. At first only because it was different. But as I evolved on my learning I found out that the ultimate goal is personal development. That’s what I focus on: growing as a human being.

I devote myself to that in my life. I learn and practice what I think it’s useful for my development. Some things work, others don’t. I don’t discriminate things just because they come from a less than scientific background. And if they work for me, I teach to my students. Only after they make it work is when I consider that this thing is real and it works.

That’s what happened with the magnetic gaze. I first learned it when I was studying an occult discipline. Later I learned than magicians and witches were using it for centuries. In fact, in occult folklore it’s called “evil eye” or as the Italians call it “malocchio”. They call it that because the legend says that if trained correctly it has the potential to kill a person. This gives a whole new meaning to the sentence: “if looks could kill”.

This is one of those things that it’s a pure legend. I met many people who practiced this gaze for decades and not one of them could do anything of the sort or ever met someone who did. But they did have one thing: the most profound and magnetic eyes I ever saw. It’s like you can’t stop looking at them. It fascinated me and I had to learn it.

There are only a few books who teach this magnetic gaze, most of them are from the XVIII century who never got a translation to english and are out of print literally for centuries. On some of the modern ones, the authors present the teachings of this gaze as a way of influencing others, clairvoyance among other things. This is one of examples where authors greatly exaggerate human abilities. There’s many benefits to this gaze, but I’ve listed them mostly above. Don’t believe the hype or false claims. Practice and decide for yourself what is real and what is fiction.

Practicing the Magnetic Gaze

Since most books where you can learn this are rare or out of print and I truly believe in spreading the knowledge, I developed a free program that any person can follow in developing this gaze. It was based on many of those rare books and other things who were only passed on by oral tradition.

This week I’ll present you with the first task that you must do for 7 consecutive days. Keep in mind that once you start you’ll have to do it daily until it’s complete or else it will take a lifetime to master this simple thing. It shouldn’t take more than 15m to a maximum of 30m a day. If you decide to practice the exercises I will give you, use them at your own risk and most importantly, use your common sense. If you feel any pain or weird feelings, stop doing them. Remember to remove your glasses or contacts before you do any of these exercises.

Exercise 1 – The Fixation Look

Choose any small dot on a wall (every wall has them), or print a circle with a dot in the middle and glue it to a wall. The goal is to spend 3 to 5 minutes looking only at that dot without: 1) BLINKING 2) TWITCHING THE EYELIDS 3) MOVING YOUR GAZE ELSEWHERE and with EYES WIDE OPEN (open your eyes completely, the more the better).

Remember, don’t blink! If you blink you’ll have to start all over. Keep your gaze fixed on that dot; don’t look even an inch to the sides, it has to be precisely on that dot. Only this way you’ll develop that fixation look. It’s hard but practice makes perfect.

Some books says you’ll have to reach an hour. But it’s an exaggeration. It’s almost humanly impossible to pass the 30m mark with that steady gaze. 15m to 30m is more than enough for our purposes and is an achievable goal. Since you are just starting, for the next 7 days try to reach at least 3m, or 5m at the maximum. Only when you reach the minimum of 3m you’ll be ready to Exercise 2. Practice at least twice a day, and don’t despair if you can’t do it right away. It takes time and practice to do this.

How To Maintain An Erection – Better Erections

If you can maintain an erection for over 45 minutes you can consider that your libido is in pretty good condition. If you previously had a low sex drive and your ability to achieve good erections is returning, this is good news. The tingle is back when you see a hot girl in the street. Your energy levels are getting higher. But this is only half of it! Getting an erection isn’t much use at all to you if you can’t maintain it.

What happens when you can’t maintain an erection

Many men, both young and old, have had difficulties to maintain an erection for longer than a few minutes at some point in their lives.

You get hard, your partner gets excited and anticipates good sex.

Then after 5 or 10 minutes you start losing your wood and you end up making love like a marsh mellow in a slot machine. This isn’t much fun! Men that have this difficulty often may mistakenly believe their floppy tool condition is a result of a distraction. They’ll say to their partner that some noise outside made them lose their erection, or something that their partner said put them off. This isn’t actually true though, even though they may believe it. In most cases, what’s really happening is simply that you need to boost your libido to maintain an erection. If you find you are losing your erection regularly, you need to look at finding solutions. Penile massage, penile exercises, libido food and the right mindset are all ways to get solid, strong erections more frequently. And this is free for you to do.

Tips to maintain an erection for longer during sex

1. Deep breathing

It’s essential that you breathe regularly and deeply in order to maximize oxygen levels in your blood and maintain an erection properly.

If you find yourself getting physically out of breath from all the moving around during sex, then you’ll need to match your vigorous movements with regular breathing. Failure to breathe properly and supply your body with the fuel it needs to keep everything running during sex can easily result in your erection getting softer the more you exert yourself. In your mission to satisfy your partner you can get carried away and start moving faster and faster. If you don’t breathe more deeply when doing this, you risk losing your erection.

2. Massage technique

This is a brilliant technique which can really help you when you need to keep hardness for longer.

When your erection is strong, at the start of lovemaking, make the most of it and massage all around the base of your penis. You’ll need to use your fingers to massage the perineum area behind your balls, the very base of your penis and following that, higher up your penis. Performing penile massages regularly when your penis is hard will increase blood circulation and see your erections getting harder for longer. You need to massage for a few minutes if you can. If it’s awkward for you to do this, then massaging for just a minute or so is also fine. Just make sure you do it. If you feel you’re losing hardness, then pull out and give your partner oral sex for a few minutes. You’ll be able to massage your base area discretely and for more time.

You’ll feel your erection getting more solid and staying hard for longer as time goes on using this great method.

3. Stimulate yourself

Losing your erection isn’t much fun in the middle of a love act. Did you get distracted by thinking of something that worries you, or is it a physical issue? Rather than think about that, when you lose your erection, above all you should know that your erection can come back. Instead of just lying there, pleasure your partner. This has the double benefit of bringing her (closer) to orgasm and making you feel sexier watching her. If you feel yourself lose the hardness, then take a break and use your tongue and your fingers on her to give her pleasure. Seeing a girl very excited will make you even more excited! This can be enough to make your erection return with a bang.

4. Relax

Instead of worrying when you lose your erection, just relax.

It’ll come back and harder than before. Worrying only makes it almost impossible to get your erection back. Being confident and believing it will return increases your chances of resuming a good sex sessions by ten.

You can maintain an erection using the above techniques, and improve your health to achieve better erections regularly.

Homework For MBA Program at the Top Business Schools

The rate at which the education sector is encompassing the whole world, it is virtually impossible not to succumb to enticement of higher education like a MBA degree from the Top Business Schools. The new age, avant-garde and ultramodern world makes higher education a compulsion. With the mounting claims of the industries, folks are increasingly becoming more and more aware of the significance of MBA program.

Each and every aspect of the competitive and aggressive business market needs unambiguous and explicit managerial skills which can be learnt at the Top Business Schools. The curriculum and course study of a MBA program is designed in a way which is very demanding and is a contemporary blend of academics and real business world challenges. This intricate and challenging schedule of the two year tenured MBA program makes sure that the individual is prepared to tackle all possible hardships in this ever evolving business market scenario.

MBA Admission Process in the Top Business Schools as a thumb rule requires good GMAT scores along with clean and excellent academic track record. Professional experience also plays an important role when it comes to the MBA Admission Process. An assortment of IMD Case Interview questions are available on the web which can be of great help to MBA aspirants.

Lets now come to the GMAT exam; it is a true qualitative analysis of an individual. It tests the math’s skills, verbal, analytical and writing skills of a person and seems very complex if you are not well prepared. Preparing involves opting for GMAT Tutorials and mock testing oneself before the tangible exams. It is also vital to do intricate online research on the GMAT patterns and on the segments of the exam in which you are not confident enough.

If you think only undergraduates opt for MBA programs in the Top Business Schools you are wrong, folks from the corporate walk of life also chip in for these managerial post graduate programs. This is because of the fact that an MBA degree after some years of experience in a certain field will elevate their career prospects. To get into the Top Business Schools you will have to exploit your potential to the max by excelling in GMAT exams. This encompasses sheer dedication, hard work and sticking to a pre determined pattern. One very imperative tip is the learning to relax under stress and not to succumb to fretfulness. It is also essential to communicate efficiently as it will make a good communicator out of you.

The Husband I Was, the Husband I Am

Oh, if I think of the kind of man I was compared with the kind of man I am now there are sharp yet subtle differences. Significant changes took place, yet I am ostensibly the same man. And still, today I have an ability to overcome abusive patterns of behaviour simply because God gave me the power to be honest. And the most important change I have received is the conviction of the Holy Spirit that compels me to confess my wrongdoing, and in telling the truth, that same truth sets me and others I love free.

I write this to honour my former wife. I write also to honour the love of my life, my wife.

Fifteen years ago, I lived a life on the edge, though for all intents and purposes my life was grand. Materially, things were fine, and the financial struggles of early marital life were behind us. Yet, more sinister problems lurked beneath the facade; ambition leading to compromise for career leading to family neglect, occupational stress leading to escapism leading to addiction, and an anger borne of fear leading to a pattern of control leading to verbal abuse of my then wife.

It was my destiny that I lost that first marriage. I couldn’t see it coming, but I should’ve seen it coming. I was satisfied that as a husband I was ‘good enough’, but how flawed that perception was! No I wasn’t. And if only more of us would see that we’re not good enough it would convict us to be better, or certainly more, so far as love is concerned.

The first time I was able to publicly decry my performance as a marriage failure was in a sermon in July 2006. I recall seeing a man from the congregation leave in tears. I knew what was occurring in him. The elders followed him and prayed with him. The Holy Spirit had convicted him of his abuse because I spoke poignantly of mine. I was sad, yet happy. It needs to be called out. And it’s the power of the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin enough to lead us to repent so we might be delivered and saved.

Back then I was a perfectionist, and I expected that standard of my wife, and sometimes even my children. Today I live accepting my imperfection, and don’t expect myself or anyone else to get it right all the time. Back then anger was never too far away. Today the anger is still there, but it is a tenth as potent as what it was, and it’s oriented toward better reasons, not usually to control others. Back then shame was the hidden puppeteer. Today’s puppeteer is the Holy Spirit. Back then I was a husband who could be terse with his words and mood. Today I’m a husband with potential. Back then I couldn’t have admitted I abused my wife. Today I know how not to be, and there but for the grace of God, go I.

I’ve been two types of husband, both for over ten years now. I have something to say to the man who doesn’t want to abuse his wife but does. Break the cycle. Confess your sin. Seek your recovery. Find your help. Discover God’s Presence. Realise honesty’s power.

Not many weeks go past where I don’t wish that I could’ve been a better husband in my first marriage.

At least I can release that legacy through the few dozen marriage counselling relationships I’ve had the privilege to provide. I share my failures in those sessions and it always adds power to people’s stories of redemption.

Get it right; I still make so many mistakes. Most days. But I’m not ashamed, because I know God knows who I am. I’m not ashamed because those mistakes bring out into the light the act of my wrongness. And then I can be responsible for myself and honestly hold myself to account.

The most obvious thing I can say about the contrast of the husband I was in comparison to the husband I am is this: it’s only by the power of Christ and through belief in His name to follow Him. There would be no difference otherwise.