Convergence of Media

Introduction to convergence: The Gutenberg era is over. A new digital communications technology has emerged. Convergence is presented as a technological force majeure. In the 21st century it seems nearly impossible to follow developments in technology, business or journalism without encountering the word convergence. An electronic superhighway is beginning to girdle the globe as voice; […]

Speak to Peak: Empowering Youth for Success

Speak to Peak: Empowering Youth for Success Your ability to convey your ideas to others will be an enormous determinant to your success”. When Warren Buffet spoke that line, he was addressing a group of university youths and emphasising to them the importance of educating themselves in the area of written and verbal communication. I […]

Steps To Earning National Board Certification

National board certification is an advanced teacher certification and is granted only when applicants have met rigorous standards and convinced an assessment board that they possess exemplary teaching skills and a high level of proficiency in their subject area. Teachers wishing to achieve national board certification must have their teaching methods evaluated to show that […]

Chicano Civil Rights Movement

The Chicano Civil Rights Movement took place during the 1960s, although it can be traced back to the 1920x.  The goal was to provide civil rights and empowerment to the Mexican American people.  The purpose of the movement was several fold but ultimately the Chicano people wanted to be freed form the poor ethnic stereotypes […]

How to Make Your Day Longer

Many centuries ago a wise philosopher Seneca said, someone takes away our precious time by force, others furtively steal our time, but the most annoying is when we waste our time ourselves. Specialists of time management agree with the ancient sage. Lack of time does not account for a great number of tasks we have […]