Dr. William Allan Kritsonis, National Refereed Mentored Scholarly Research

[ad_1] Dr. William Allan Kritsonis SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 2010 Miller, Q. & Kritsonis, W.A. (2010) Implementation of the Ways of Knowing through the             Realms of Meaning as a Conceptual Framework in Professional Learning Communities             As They Impact Strategic Planning in Education. National FORUM of Applied of             Educational Research Journal, 23 (1&2) Stevenson, R.D. […]

How to Answer Interview Questions – How Do You Handle Difficult Customers?

[ad_1] How do you handle difficult customers? Dealing with difficult the customers is a ‘given’ for many, many jobs: sales reps, customer service reps, retail store clerks, receptionists, restaurant wait staff, and a hundred other service-industry jobs. People working in these roles are in the front lines. They are the face of their respective companies and […]

The Digital Divide

[ad_1] The Digital Divide: Electronic Government or E-Government is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) with the intention or purpose of upgrading and presenting government services to citizens, the public sector, private segment and the non-profit organizations globally. Digital divide is the terminology used to refer to the gap separating the social classes […]

800 pharmacy query?

[ad_1] More Pharmacy questions please visit : DrugsAnswer.com 6-yr pharmacy programs for college?i cant seem to figure out if you apply for that INSTEAD of going to a 4-yr BA degree in pre-pharm, if you apply to that 6 years AFTER the regular 4 years, or if you be in motion to 4 regular college […]

Trends In Technology And Labor Relations

[ad_1] SECTION 1: Forces behind technology and innovation Introduction The twentieth century was one of the most technologically driven centuries in history. It was marked with diffusion, and transformation of technologies in almost every sphere of life. This has resulted in greater interdependence between nations. However, there are still some countries left behind. The essay […]