APA Essays – The Citation Format Explained

[ad_1] This citation format is generally used for  essays , research papers and theses particularly relating to social sciences. This citation was first introduced in 1929. At that time it appeared as a seven page guideline in the Psychological Bulletin. However today it exists in the full fledged format. Not all writers consider the format easy […]

5 Simple Tips For Writing Essays

[ad_1] An  essay  is a short piece of work written in an informal manner. French Renaissance writer Michel de Montaigne has been credited for having popularized this literary genre, and 19th-century writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson sustained its popularity. Nowadays, both high school and college students are required to write  essays . An  essay  can […]

Trouble With College Essays – Join The Club

[ad_1] If you are among the thousands of college students that have trouble writing all those  essays , research reports and other assignments, you are not alone. It is estimated that three out of four college students struggles with their research assignments, not because of the research, but the writing. Not only is it difficult to […]

Writing Essays – Seeing the New View in Carl Sagan’s Essay, The Abstraction of Beasts

[ad_1] If you’ll follow and learn this three-step method of analyzing published essays I show here, you’ll be able to understand published essays and write your own essays about them. Carl Sagan has written an excellent essay, “The Abstraction of Beasts,” providing another strong illustration of the old view – new view pattern intuitively used […]

Those Important College Essays

[ad_1] Chief among the most important things on your college application check list is the application essay. Students are typically asked to write a self-reflective, personal, descriptive essay, that is supposed to describe who they are. Oh–and it also has to be technically perfect, too. This is a big deal! Colleges use a student’s essay […]