‘one Tree Hill’ Coach Gets Busy With Movies

Barry Corbin is popularly known among One Tree Hill viewers as Coach Brian “Whitey” Durham. Last year, his character managed to lead the Ravens all the way to a championship and was finally able to live down a loss that had haunted him for 19 long years. Off the court, Coach Durham also extended a […]

The Whitewashing of Indian Hisory

The History of India has been whitewashed and distorted first by European rulers which after Independence were continued by eminent historians of India and their supporters the Leftists, Seculars and self claimed Progressives of India to meet their own ends. They have painted the pre-Islamic invasion period as Dark Age and have glorified the Islamic […]

"Theoretical and Practical Applications of Emergent Technology in ELT Classrooms; How the ‘Blog' Can Change English Language Teaching"

Abstract The classic picture of the ELT (English Language Teaching) classroom is one in which there are rows of desks, a blackboard, students, a teacher, paper and pencils.  Even with the advent of instantaneous information via the World Wide Web, the ELT classroom remains relatively unchanged.  However, the winds of change are upon the ELT […]

Convergence of Media

Introduction to convergence: The Gutenberg era is over. A new digital communications technology has emerged. Convergence is presented as a technological force majeure. In the 21st century it seems nearly impossible to follow developments in technology, business or journalism without encountering the word convergence. An electronic superhighway is beginning to girdle the globe as voice; […]

Speak to Peak: Empowering Youth for Success

Speak to Peak: Empowering Youth for Success Your ability to convey your ideas to others will be an enormous determinant to your success”. When Warren Buffet spoke that line, he was addressing a group of university youths and emphasising to them the importance of educating themselves in the area of written and verbal communication. I […]