Literature Review For Nursing Stress Interventions

[ad_1] Stress is a well-known and identified problem within the nursing profession. According to Atkinson stress occurs when one is faced with events or encounters that they perceive as an endangerment to their physical or psychological well being (as sited in McGowan, 2001). Additionally stress levels will increase when controllability and predictability in a situation […]

The Vital Role of Public Health Nursing

[ad_1] A survey done by the Department of Health of United Kingdom reveals that about 74% of adults in United Kingdom consumed an alcoholic drink daily. Worse still, more than 37% individuals reported they didn’t know the harmful effects of addiction to alcohol. These statistics reveal two things and they are as below: – Adults […]

Mao’s Last Nursing Home

[ad_1] The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of communism is the equal sharing of miseries – Churchill There is a nursing home in Wuxi called Liang Xiao (name changed). It is located down a side alley off a busy street not far from the central train station. […]

RESTRAINT – What Does That Mean in a Nursing Home Setting?

[ad_1] If you look up restraint in the dictionary, you may see one of these definitions: (1) the act of restraining, holding back, controlling or checking; (2) the state or fact of being restrained; deprived of liberty; confinement. But what does the term “restraint” mean in a nursing home or hospital setting? You may be […]

Role of a Certified Nursing Assistant

[ad_1] A certified nursing assistant is a medical employee who works with doctors and nurses in medical environments and care facilities. They do things like checking vital signs of patients and helping with things like bathing and feeding. They work with medical equipment, setting it up and checking it. They change bedpans and sheets. They […]