Winston Churchill : An inspirational leader in time of needs

[ad_1] Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill is one of the most famous figures throughout World War II mainly for his leadership of the United Kingdom throughout the Second World War.  But what many people don’t realize is just how inspirational the man really was on so many different fronts.  Churchill was not only a brilliant military […]

5 Factors to Consider When Marketing to Different Cultures – Multicultural Marketing

[ad_1] Marketing to different cultures can be frustrating. Sometimes the response you expect just doesn’t come. Instead of chalking your lose down to culture, why not re-examine all of the foreign demographic factors. Personality – there have been several studies done providing guidelines on how to identify cultural differences with personality types. Most people know […]

Things to Consider When You Make a Business Brochure

[ad_1] This is some object you can create yourself or have an expert do it for you. Somehow, it’s something that any organization must have: business brochures. Creating a brochure can be very simple as it may seem if you have the technical knowledge and if you have decided on what information to feature. But […]

Dr. William Allan Kritsonis, National Refereed Mentored Scholarly Research

[ad_1] Dr. William Allan Kritsonis SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 2010 Miller, Q. & Kritsonis, W.A. (2010) Implementation of the Ways of Knowing through the             Realms of Meaning as a Conceptual Framework in Professional Learning Communities             As They Impact Strategic Planning in Education. National FORUM of Applied of             Educational Research Journal, 23 (1&2) Stevenson, R.D. […]

How to Answer Interview Questions – How Do You Handle Difficult Customers?

[ad_1] How do you handle difficult customers? Dealing with difficult the customers is a ‘given’ for many, many jobs: sales reps, customer service reps, retail store clerks, receptionists, restaurant wait staff, and a hundred other service-industry jobs. People working in these roles are in the front lines. They are the face of their respective companies and […]