Teaching Children’s Literature Reaction # 3


The book Cinder Edna is the work of Ellen Jackson, a famous author with a creative talent on writing the children’s books. It is easy to read, understand, and enjoy the moments as they last.
This tale can be used in a social studies lesson for children because it has all the key elements of children stories. The story of Cinderella and Cinder Edna has a twist of both magic and beauty. Magical stories easily attract children’s attention. The pace at which the story unfolds, and how it moves from one point to another, gives it a head start for social studies lesson. Moreover, the contrast of two girls and their views on solving problems has a moral purpose.
This book falls in the Culture and Literature strand of social studies. The setting of the story begins with a tale of two girls who were neighbors. The recipes for making tuna casserole represent their culture. One can also see the element of monarchy in the second name by trying to sit in cinders, telling the jokes pose a well-written and humorous literature.
The book can teach a number of Texas Essential and Knowledge Skills, including social studies skills as long as there are responsibilities in the family, culture skills in understanding the role of girls in the society, and cultural values that portray the culture people uphold.
Ellen Jackson is a renowned author having won more than six awards. She has other books to her name such as “The Ballad of Booster Bogg” and “The Mysterious Universe” which are world-famous among both adults and children.

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