Teaching Children’s Literature Reaction #4


This essay explains how I would use The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting in a classroom social studies lesson. I would use it by explaining the family values portrayed herein. The reading culture also is helpful. The background presents a comprehensive beautiful family, and this may work effectively in a classroom (Bunting 11). The book also encourages the reading attitude irrespective of age. I would also stress on the need of family coming together especially during festive occasions such as birthdays to booster family bonding (Bunting 27). The book also covers extensive output of Literature which will help the students in appreciating literature.
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This book falls in the Culture strand of social studies. It helps students understand the importance of family, customs, language, and traditions. The book also covers culture on the position in which people communicate in a family. We see the roles that the various family members hold themselves to ensure smooth running of the family. The student also understands how family meets the basic human needs.
This children’s book can help teach study and reading skills. We see Anna helping her grandmother to read, “You must learn to read, you say. So? I come to Anna” (Bunting 26). It can also assist in teaching listening skills where we see the whole family sitting back and listening to the grandmother to read her book, “I squeeze Grandma’s hand, and she stands and begins to read” (Bunting 25). It helps in teaching reading, culture and facing audiences. The story is also useful for educational and culture purposes. Friendly relationships between the members of the family, their respect and support of each other present the model of a real family. The whole book is permeated with this idea.
Eve Bunting is a renowned Irish author who has written more than 250 books. Among them are Fly Away Home (1991) and Smoky Night (1994).
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Work Cited
Bunting, Eve. The Wednesday Surprise. New York: Clarion Books, 1989. Print.

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