Updated on March 31, 2012 JhoDy moreContact Author My doctoral dissertation was specifically focused on preparation, validation and testing the effectiveness of the Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) in teaching Science IV (Physics). The SIMs prepared were tested in the two sections of a fourth year class for two grading periods. The twelve (12) Strategic Interventions Materials (SIM) prepared are given below as what they appeared and compiled and bookbounded. Each SIM will be posted here. “Rich countries are science-rich and poor countries are science-poor”. Physics is one of the main fields of Science. Physics as a subject in the secondary Basic Education Curriculum is concerned with the basic laws of nature. It deals with the study of matter and energy and their relationship. Physics is concerned on the physical science around which the other sciences are founded. Its full and complete understanding is important to the comprehension of the natural sciences such as astronomy, geology, and meteorology.

Similarly with chemistry which uses modern atomic theory to predict structures of atoms and interaction between atoms. Living things are composed of matter and transform energy, and therefore, biology must consider this phase of Physics. In the study of this subject, it calls for active participation of the students in learning the concepts and principles of Physics. The inductive techniques through hands-on activities lead to a deeper understanding of Physics. Students are the focus in an educative process. Teaching-learning situations provided to the students are as important as the students in the classroom. Science teaching is more productive when there available and sufficient instructional materials. However, with the present situation of Philippine educational system wherein there are shortages in the classrooms throughout the country. Thus, funds are not enough to cater to the needs on instructional materials needed in every science classroom. The science teacher therefore, is responsible to devise and provide the necessary materials for use in science classes.

The Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) aim to provide the students with a learning experience which could give them the opportunities to harness their scientific skills and values through a simpler way of understanding the contents of the subject. 2.Describe images formed by plan mirror, curved mirror (convex and concave) and lenses (concave and convex) experimentally. 3.Locate and describe images formed by plane mirror, curved mirror (convex and concave) and lenses (convex and concave) through ray diagrams. 4.Locate and describe images formed by curved mirror (convex and concave) and lenses (convex and concave) using mirror equation. 5.Explain the different eyesight defects and how lenses correct these defects. 6.Demonstrate total internal reflection, interference, diffraction, and polarization properties of light. 7.Explain and cite applications of total internal reflection, interference, diffraction, and polarization properties of light. PhysicsThe Higgs Boson, AKA GOD-Particle: A Stairway to Heaven? PhysicsHow does Infrared Radiation work? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Good day maa’m, I am Jessica Meliang Belisario of Little Baguio National High School currently taking up my masters degree in science education.I am preparing my research writing, about effectiveness of SIM in teaching Science. I am humbly ask you to share your copy of study;(abstract,related lit. Good pm.. we have a research study in SIM, i would like to ask for the recommendation of thus study.. Hi Doc. Good day.. I am now currently taking my masters degree at The National Teachers college and my Thesis Writing is also about the effect of SIM in selected topics in World History.. Ma’am I really love and admire your study about the SIM as your teaching strategy. Thank you po maam and Godbless po.. I really admire that beyond your busy sked you still have time to find ways making learning fun and enjoying. Hope you could share your masterpiece to my account.

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