The Advantages of Having Your Articles Republished and How Exactly to Manage It


Article marketing is a very important component of many small affiliates’ marketing campaigns. I have written a great many articles discussing the advantages of writing quality, keyword rich and preselling articles and distributing them online. In this article I will go further and develop the idea of a correlation between article quality and republishing rate, and, furthermore, the way this distribution can be hugely beneficial for your internet business.

Part 1: The advantages of being republished

See your articles go viral

Republishing is an option available on most of the main article directories including EzineArticles, the site where this article is to first be published. Basically bloggers and website owners are free to take and use your article as long as the content and links are not edited at all. They receive the advantage of new and interesting content for their readers, and in exchange you receive an authentic enhancement of the benefits gained from each article submission. Your articles, and hence links, are spread around the internet and this can often occur in a viral process – especially for high quality articles, the invention of social bookmarking has made this phenomenon even more common. In the modern era of affiliate marketing therefore, your adverts and articles are judged more and more critically by readers – if you have a talent for writing and developed knowledge of your niche the advantage has shifted towards you and this is why you will hear a lot of professionals tell you ‘content is king’. It is reality that the best and most interesting articles can be read by thousands of people overnight – I have had this sensation occur a couple of times where my site has featured highly on Stumble Upon or Reddit, and even better, many of the resulting influx of visitors also made purchases.

Backlink benefits for SEO

Apart from the instant growth of your article readership there are also long term SEO benefits to be had from wide-scale republishing. The more related sites using your article, the more backlinks you will get, and hence clearly more is better in this case. Again, when more people see your website republished, the more sites will republish it themselves. Backlinks are such an important factor in influencing search engine rankings and therefore if you can extract as many backlinks as you can per article you can see big movements. This is the essence of my own marketing strategy and is certainly an approach which has brought me success. The re-publishers must also link back to the original articles, and therefore these too can move to the top of Google’s rankings (and other search engines) – if you can see your own pages and your original articles at the top of the search engines you will be getting a huge amount of highly targeted, organic traffic like I am in many niches.

Part 2: How to get your articles republished

Considering these backlink and targeted visitor benefits, it seems to make a great deal of sense to optimise your articles for republishing. Here is my advice on how exactly to do this – I have written more in depth articles in this issue but I feel this is a decent beginner’s guide.

Firstly we must consider why exactly website and blog owners choose certain articles to republish. Admittedly the rates of republishing will depend upon the size and specificity of the niche; however, there are a few general trends which you should try to capitalise upon.

Focus on quality and relevance

The first of these pieces of advice is to focus, as far as possible, on quality. This means investigating the relevance of what you are writing to your readers, and doing so before you start to write it. The more tailored to people’s needs the more likely they will visit your website and / or republish your article. I have, for instance, written long and well-structured articles only for them to only be useful to a tiny, tiny niche with little commercial value. You should try to avoid this trap of specificity if at all possible, especially when you start to run out of things to write. Spending a few minutes researching the Google keywords that people are searching for, as well as the more popular threads on forums, can help you identify these. For instance I was inspired to write this after reading a discussion on quality vs. quantity and used my answer as the basis for this piece.

Spend more time to ensure quality

While I’m on the matter of article quantity, I will also say that a quantity approach to article marketing is unlikely to bring the same republishing benefits. Over the life of an article this is to your disadvantage as poor quality articles are not going to continue to spread and build new backlinks – if you only get a couple of new backlinks each month this is still well worth the extra hour or two you may have to spend initially on creating the quality content. If you let the articles do the work for you it is far more rewarding, not to mention time saving, experience than if you need to just keep writing articles for backlink purposes. This means being sure to include everything you feel is relevant, and planning thoroughly is a good way to achieve this – also spell check and ensure the grammar has absolutely no mistake – people don’t want poorly written rubbish on their website.

Go into greater depth and be unique

The next piece of advice is to make your articles in depth and analytical. Really answer the reader’s questions and discuss any original insights you might have. It is just real common sense to say that a reader is far more likely to republish an article that is not only highly relevant, but also unique. You should be trying to compel anybody who reads to republish and therefore the usefulness must be top notch – this means being comprehensive in the coverage of topics involved. I experimented with this a lot and found that writing articles between 1000 and 2000 words were the most effective for republishing purpose. This is the length to maintain interest and to get across an impression of knowledge and expertise. Anything shorter and you probably haven’t included enough information, anything more and your readers may just switch off before getting to the end. There may be niches or specific articles which break this rule but in general a long and in depth article is the best way forward.

Tempt people to read

Finally I will say you need to, quite obviously, get people to read in the first place. This includes all the standard things such as an intriguing title, keyword rich content and building backlinks to your article. I have written a lot more information about this so please check my other articles for further detail.

If you can write to a high standard and follow my advice you should be able to start driving both your backlinks and targeted visitors through the roof. I hope you have found this particular article interesting and I don’t think it’s a bad example of my successful work – in the affiliate niche the republish rates average at nearly 10% of article views so you can imagine the success I’m enjoying as a result. This kind of success is possible for anyone to achieve, as long as you stay motivated and keep writing. And remember that just spending that little bit longer on each article can make a massive difference to your republishing results in the long run.

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