The Benefits Of Being A Nurse!


Do you think that nursing is nothing but a drag? Well, think again because you couldn’t be more wrong. Nursing with all it’s challenges and complexities has its perks and benefits and I am here to reveal to you what those are.

There may be some of you who are at crossroads, wondering if indeed they should take the plunge. Perhaps they have told you how ‘little’ it pays and how complicated patients can be. They may have told you how scary and unnerving it can be should things go wrong. You have probably come across nurses from hell- you know the ones I am talking about. The ones who haven’t got a fibre of empathy in their body. Well, they did not lie to you but if my experiences are anything to go by those unfortunate examples are not in the majority. There is always that one bad apple wherever you go and I am here to tell you that nursing is all that and more, much much more!

I am not going to dwell on the monetary issues, short or long term because I don’t believe that is what nursing is all about. So sit back and be ready to be amazed at what I am about to reveal.

1) Nursing is lots of fun! Yes, you heard right. I have laughed more in my recovery room than I have anywhere else. Those patients are full of tales. They will have you in stitches you will be begging them to stop and you know what they say- Laughter is the best medicine!

2) There are bound to be tears in the face of human suffering and even the most hardened of human beings are bound get softened at some point. Nursing has the ability to ‘transform’ you if you catch my drift!

3) Nursing enables you to be cool, calm and collected in a medical emergency. As the years pass, confidence and competence develop and you will know just what to do in an emergency. Even if outcomes are not always favourable in every situation, what matters is you would’ve done good by those you would’ve attended to.

4) Think of the exercise as you pace up and down the hospital corridors. Need I say more?

5) Wherever you go in the world there will always be a job for you. You will always be revered as a nurse for it is considered a noble and one of the most prestigious professions!

6) Many opportunities to develop both professionally, academically/intellectually and spiritually!

7) Nursing gives you a sense of purpose in life when all hope is lost in other areas of your life. You know someone needs you and relies on you in their time of need and that alone keeps you going, giving you a lot of job satisfaction!

8) Nursing enriches you as a person. What job gives you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, of all races, colour or creed all in one place? Those patients have travelled the world, seen and experienced life and if you’re lucky enough they will share their wonderful experiences with you and that alone develops you as a person.


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