The Family and Delinquency


The number of youths attaining education has increased significantly since 1980 to 2013. The number of boys enrolling and attending school is significantly lower than that of girls. High college costs are accountable for the high rates of youth illiteracy.
Economic Circumstances
Youth blacks have the highest number of unemployment. White youths display the highest percentage in labor force participation. Male youths gain higher median annual earnings than female youths despite the latter attaining more education. Question 2. Education
 Higher rates of education attainment in female youths than males: The society looks down upon unlearned youths causing them to turn to crime as a way to retaliate.  High numbers of independent students: Most independent students do not complete school because of the high cost of school fees. Instead of helping these students, the society neglects them. These youths then involve in criminal activities as a way to support themselves.
Economic Circumstances
 The number of unemployed black youths is exceptionally high: The level of racial discrimination in the United States is deplorable. Most black youths are unemployed because they are associated with crime. Due to the lack of jobs and finances, these youths chose to participate in crime to fetch for themselves.<  Lower median earnings for female youths accounts for the female youths in the juvenile system. The girl child is still looked down upon by the society. SECTION B Question 3.
Mississippi. Question 4
The level of child poverty in the United States is extremely high. Children of color display higher levels of poverty and homelessness compared to white children. The poverty levels account for the poor health of these children. Question 5
Child population is higher in Minnesota than Mississippi. Minnesota is ranked higher than Mississippi in the child poverty level with 14. Percent compared to 34.7 percent in Mississippi. If the two states shared equal child populations Mississippi’s child poverty level would be higher. Children of color are poorer than white children proving higher racial discrimination rates in Mississippi than Minnesota.
Question 6
The United States of America has one of the highest child poverty rates amongst developed countries. Child poverty greatly affects the life of a child, even to their old age. These children tend to grow into poor adults. Child poverty impacts greatly on the mental and health development of children.
The justice system mostly accommodates youths from poor backgrounds because these children turn to crime to meet their needs. There is a high chance that these children face increased sexual assault, physical abuse, and suicide in the juvenile system, but the percentage is even higher if they are incarcerated into the adult system. Many children and youths die on a daily basis from gun violence accidents. At least 50 children and youths die daily from random violence. Question 7
It is surprising to lean that at least 50 children and youths die daily from random violence. Question 8
The level of racism in the United States is unbelievable. African American children receive zero tolerance in schools for petty issues. There are police officers in schools who are ready to arrest children for petty issues that are not crimes. The juvenile and adult systems are filled with a high number of black youths and men.
After their release, these people are received with discrimination on the outside. It is difficult for them to acquire any decent jobs because employers cannot employ people with criminal records. These people are forced back into criminal lives and end up returning to the system. Question 9
It is surprising how police officers are placed in schools with black children to maintain law and order. Schools that do not admit black children do not have the police around, yet these are the schools whose children suffer from major delinquent behaviors. Question 10
Children should be protected from gun violence. There should be a rule not to sell guns to children and if possible even adults. A gun in the hands of a minor endangers the life of a large number of people, for example, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. At least one child or teenager dies every 3 hours and 15 minutes in the United States. The lives of these children and teenagers end abruptly and it is not fair. Question 11
It is surprising to learn that more children die on a daily basis from accidental gun violence than officers die in the line of duty. SECTION C Question 12
These children do not receive justice because their violators are released after serving a short period in the system. All these cases are unfair to say that the children received suggestive interview. They are all different cases, with children from different places; they cannot all be lying. Question 13
The court should use evidences from the victims’ bodies that show violation. Violation and sexual assault cases always have evidence because the victims’ bodies are left bruised. ASSIGNMENT 3
SECTION A Question 1
The approximate number of children reported for neglect and abuse each year in Minnesota is 25,000. Question 2
Neglect is commonly viewed as maltreatment, whereby the caregiver fails to provide a child with the basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. Their lack to offer their child with mental and medical health care, appropriate supervision, and education is considered neglect.
Caregivers are expected to protect their children from actions and conditions that endanger them. Abuse can be physical, mental, or sexual. It is abusive when the caregiver threatens to harm their child either physically, mentally, or sexually or actually harm them. Question 3
Mandated reporters refer to professionals and their entrusted people in health care, childcare, education, social services, law enforcement, clergy, mental health, guardians, and probation and correction services. These people have a duty to report cases of child abuse and neglect whenever they experience them. Question 4
Claims are made through reporting suspected abuse or neglect. If a child is in immediate danger, one should contact the local law enforcement agency immediate. If a child is not in immediate danger, a person should wait to receive a reason to believe that the child has been neglected.
After confirmation, the person should contact the child protection unit in their county social service agency if the perpetrator is the child’s caregiver, parent, or guardian. The Department of Human Services should be contacted if the perpetrator is a staff at a child care facility or any residential treatment center. Question 5
Claims should be made to the local law enforcement agency if the perpetrator is neither a family member nor a staff member at a facility. Question 6
Abuse and neglect contribute highly to delinquency. Children with abusive caregivers understand that violence is the only way they can get things done; they end up growing believing in violence. Neglected children have to fend for themselves without support. When it becomes tough, they are forced to acquire delinquent behavior. SECTION B Question 1
There are different types of juvenile killers including school killers, cult killers, parricidal killers, parricidal killers, and gang-related killers. These varying types of juvenile killers all commit murder for different reasons. School killers are mostly random and are not committed to killing a specific person. Their kills are rampant and they end up killing and injuring many people.
Most cult killers are mentally disturbed and their killings result from their mood disorders, personality disorders, or manic depression. Parricidal killers mostly kill their parents because either their mother or father abuses them emotionally or sexually. Most gang-related killers are girls and they tend to feel empowered and powerful when committing murder.
Question 2
It is surprising to think that parents can sexually defile their children. Such parents deserve to die and in such cases the children should be pardoned and taken only to the juvenile system.

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