The High School Reunion


The High School Reunion is coming up in a few days and I can’t wait to see how it goes. The last one I attended was in 2010 and it was my first time I had attended one since I graduated in 1967.

It all starts out with the excitement of checking in at your hotel and seeing some people that you haven’t seen in years. After that excitement wears off, you go to your room and unpack, you try to relax a little, but you can’t. You go out and get a bite to eat at a Whataburger that you have been craving for years because they only have those in Texas where you grew up. You see some more people there that had the same thing in mind.

The real excitement comes that night when you meet with your individual classes and you try to figure out who the classmates are. Some people never change and still look the same. Others have completely changed and if it wasn’t for their name tags you would not be able to tell who they are.

After all that comes the moment of truth when everyone asks you what you have done with your life and what you do and are you successful? How many children you have and what not? Once you get past all those formalities comes check out time. We wouldn’t be human if we did not check each out as far as looks and other things we often make comparisons with. Some people will tell you that you don’t look the same, or that you gained weight, or that you lost weight, whatever.

You cannot help but feel sorry for your spouse because even though you introduced her to your classmates, he or she is going to feel left out, unless he or she is your High School sweetheart you married and everyone knows them already. they will feel left out because they cannot relate to the things that are being discussed about the old times and about the hometown you grew up in, unless he or she grew up in the same town. In my opinion, it would be better for the significant other to stay at home, as much as that hurts. My wife does not want to go this time because she said she done heard it all over and over again.

We will see how this one turns out.


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