Over the years parents have often asked me how they can support their child’s academic performance at home. Until very recently, I gave all the standard answers. However, after pondering many years of observations, I have concluded that if I could pick ONE THING parents can do to support success, it would be to insist their children behave at home. I see scholastic problems developing at a very young age, even in the high chair. As just one example among innumerable similar examples, I know just such a family with a baby in a high chair. The parents say they want the child to sit down in the high chair while they feed him. The baby wants to stand up in the high chair and turn around. Although the parents tell the baby to sit down, they do not insist on compliance. In fact, they will follow the baby to the back of the chair and give him a spoonful of food. Naturally, the food reward reinforces the very behavior they would like to extinguish. It all starts from lack of consistency. When parents issue a directive, they must accept only complete compliance, not something less. Otherwise children take this same attitude into school where it becomes the number one source of academic difficulties, manifested by attempts to lower the teacher’s bar and find shortcuts which substitute for real learning. The hard truth no one wants to accept is that the most fundamental difference between high achievers and low-achievers (barring physical challenges) is classroom behavior. Every teacher knows the “good” kids tend to do well, and the disruptive kids do not.

Thanks for the introduction to your work Miriam. In my reports I’ll be commenting on your prep, images and assignment notes within the context of the assessment criteria for the BA Photography degree, which are outlined on p.10 of the course guide. The aims and outcomes for Landscape are on p.5 and are important for every student to read in order to set realistic expectations for this course. You may want to get credit for your hard work and achievements with the OCA by formally submitting your work for assessment at the end of the module. More and more people are taking the idea of lifelong learning seriously by submitting their work for assessment but it is entirely up to you. We are just as keen to support you whether you study for pleasure or to gain qualifications. Please consider whether you want to put your work forward for assessment and let me know your decision when you submit Assignment 2. I can then give you feedback on how well your work meets the assessment requirements.

This is a good first assignment Miriam. You’ve done plenty of research, started thinking seriously about the ideas of Part 1 and most importantly produced a successful set of “beautifully terrifying” photographs which will look great as prints at assessment. With regards to thinking about the beautiful and the sublime, as well as taking in to account Simon Morley’s text I decided to photograph landscapes within the premise of being a “beautifully terrifying” image. I like your thinking and the way your idea for the assignment makes use of your reading and research. Do you think your assignment conforms to or subverts notions of beauty and the sublime? Please add a short note to your reflection on the tutor report. A good start to the LL but a separate tab for Assignments please, which includes your reflections on the assignment and on the tutor report, but make sure your Assignment is at the top. You might want a separate tab for Assignment prep or there’s a bit too much scrolling to be done. Brilliant quote to start but your review only addresses the formal or aesthetic content of the work.

· Context – how does Coupe-Kalomiris relate to historical or contemporary photography? · How does the work relate to your own photography? Good to see you’ve started using Harvard referencing but you don’t need the brackets after your weblinks, just use footnotes in the text. Check examples in the Landscape course and refer back to the Harvard Referencing Guide. Note how direct quotes and general reading and viewing are referenced slightly differently. If you get fluent at referencing now it’ll save you a ton of headaches later. Keep to one colour of text in your blog. Your writing is coming on well but should be more concise. Keep your reflective accounts relevant and concise. Be critical of your own practice – not necessarily negative, but thoughtful and reflective, perhaps with a little distance. Write factually about how your technical decisions, ideas and contextualisation have come together to create a successful (or, in some cases, not so successful) final outcome. Give reasons as to why you believe the outcome is successful/unsuccessful; this will help you progress next time and will provide a basis for discussion with your tutor. At assessment it will also demonstrate how well you understand your own work, which is very important. Use suggestions in the course guide for your key reading. Please read my tutor report carefully, the main comment is to be more concise in your writing. Write a concise reflection at the end of your assignment and then again in response to the tutor report. At Level 2, you’ll begin to comment on the broad ideas around your work (you’ll notice this is what I do in my reports), there’s no need to analyse each individual photograph. You’ve started, well done! You’ve given up your day job and have decided to commit yourself full time to photography. It’s a bold start to 2015 and I’m sure the momentum will carry you through the Landscape course at a good pace.

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