The Mission Statement of Procter and Gamble


The mission statement is “We will offer branded goods and services of greater quality and worth that progress the life of the globe’s consumers. As a consequence, customers will recompense us with headship sales, income, and worth creation, enabling our group, and the communities where we exist and labor to flourish.” The mission statement has a strong argument based on the excellence of the business. The mission of the company states the internal progress and relational factors that affect it with the central parties such as the customers. Such factors show that Procter and Gamble attach value to the existing and prospecting customers within its reach. The mission statement does not include the fact of social accountability towards the public and the surroundings. It does not appreciate the community and environment that makes the business exist for them in their operations. This fact makes the mission statement inadequate in expressing the corporate responsibilities.

The History of the Firm

The past of the business can be traced from William Procter and James Gamble. They started the business in 1837 after a suggestion by their father in law. By 1859, the sales of the company had reached one million dollars. The numbers of employees were also rising. The civil war was also a central factor that increased the extents of the business operation since they supplied major essentials. They have instituted more than 50 brand names of consumable goods. They have also increased their sales to $84 billion in the current states and $14.8 billion as net income. There are existing pressures that affect the company in terms of the need to innovate, cost factors, the choice of brands, and customer satisfaction issues. P&G has been regarded as the largest household producer of products. It has a market cap of 215.29 USD in the current systems. It also has the second best market share that is estimated at 20%.

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