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The idea of using the terrain features to their advantage was smart the shortcoming was failing to secure the rear to ensure the re-supply missions. With armor and infantry rapidly spreading through the French countryside the Nazis finally realized that the army in England was a decoy. Panzer and SS Feldgrau divisions anticipating the attack of the imaginary army were then rushed to meet the slashing spearhead assaults head on. As the panzer divisions rushed to the aid of their comrades they became the targets of allied fighters. This slowed the movement of German support and allowed the fangs of Cobra to sink deeper into the Germans hold of France. The ploy of the imaginary army proved to be a success long enough to allow the beginning of Cobra to unfold. By 30 July, many key terrain features were captured but there seemed to be no front any more. The fighting had turned into a free for all with divisions heading in every direction.

The front was no longer distinguishable so units passed in and out of hostile territory with out knowing it. The ground commander of the allied forces tried to regain contact with the spearheads of the assaulting forces. Once in contact he received reports of conflicts and how many of the objectives had been captured. He urged all forces to keep moving and capture their objectives. Moral began to drop due to the lack of sleep and the constant fighting. Even with tired soldiers and abused equipment the allies continued their assault on the German forces. The dedication of the soldiers to drive on through hunger and sleep depravation was what I believe to be the result of positive command influence. After reviewing how far the allied forces had traveled, a risky plan began to take shape. The allied ground commander immediately went to see General Eisenhower and brief him of this new plan. The plan was to link the divisions together that had been slashing through the German lines, creating a large trap around German forces. General Eisenhower agreed that it was risky, but could be the turning point in the war if successful.

With his approval, the allied commander returned to his command post and began to send the plan to the forward divisions. The initial phase of Cobra was a success, but great risks were still to come. I believe these risks were necessary to take with the opportunity that had presented itself. General Patton was given the full control of the Third Army, in eastern France, since his imaginary army no longer existed. Patton did not see eye to eye with any of his fellow commanders. He thought that they worried too much about their open flanks, which were created by the slashing attacks. ] flanks. Let the goddamned German worry about his flanks.”(pg. Patton pushed on, with his eye ultimately on the port city, Brest. Patton may have a great battlefield leader, but his inability to cooperate with other leaders compromised the mission at times. With Patton over extended, the Nazi’s saw this as an opportunity to split the allied army in half.

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