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Take the time to ask questions and do your work carefully, with integrity. How do I avoid plagiarism (do I really need to use quotation marks)? 2. a complete entry for the source in a bibliography. Improving your paraphrasing skills will help you avoid plagiarism and write a better essay. Paraphrasing does not mean changing a few words in a paragraph of copied texts. You must rewrite the ideas with your own phrasing and vocabulary. 1. put the source’s words or phrases in quotation marks. For more information, see Margaret Procter’s How not to Plagiarize. Authors must get credit for how they say things, as well as for what they say. I was sanctioned for working too closely with my friend. I don’t get it – isn’t working together a good way to learn things? Most instructors agree that discussion between students is beneficial and encouraged. However, the work you submit for credit is supposed to be your own, unless group work is explicitly permitted or you acknowledge that you shared ideas with someone else.

Unless your assignment requires or specifically allows group submission of work, you must submit individually-composed work. Make sure you know what your instructor expects from you, and if you aren’t sure, ask. Is it cheating if a tutor helps me with my assignments? It depends on what “help” you are receiving. If your tutor or editor identifies mistakes in your assignment, gives you feedback, or shows you how to improve your study habits and test-taking skills, that’s OK. Tutors should not be correcting mistakes for you or inserting content into the assignment for you. It is up to you to do that. My friend copied my assignment; am I in trouble? You can help your friends by explaining concepts or helping them learn, but don’t provide them with answers or your own work! You might trust your friends or classmates, but it’s best not to trust anyone with your actual piece of work. Never e-mail an assignment—in part or in whole—to another person. I know lots of students who work together on assignments or cheat on tests but never get caught. Why should I care about the rules?

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