Tips for Developing Leadership Skills


Tips for Developing Leadership Skills

One’s leadership skills, play a key role in influencing occupational growth and occupational path. The other skill that exists in an individual is technical skills which support one’s career growth by taking them far. In a recent blog the question that lingered on was, “Why is it that you have to wait to be called a leader? Individuals need to develop their leadership skills today” (Right Management, 2013). According to (Kalargyrou, Pescosolido, & Kalargiros, 2012), they defined leadership as the art of involving someone else in doing something that you want it done since they want to do it. The focus of this research aims at providing tips that help in developing leadership skills.

Clear communication is one of the key elements that tighten the bond of a relationship; the same applies to the relationship between team members and their leaders (Right Management, 2013). The communication process entails expressing one’s ideas in a clear way while making sure that employees understands what you want them to do for you. To become a good leader one must create a friendly environment where they can engage on conversation freely expressing their concerns and thoughts (Right Management, 2013). Another element to consider when developing one’s leadership skills is to think critically. With the expectation in securing a high ranked profile in an organization, employees needs to be able to think critically (Right Management, 2013). Leaders should be able to oversee threats and problems that are likely to affect the business before they arise (Kalargyrou, Pescosolido, & Kalargiros, 2012). According to Right Management (2013), some of the other tips for developing leadership skills include displaying confidence, maintenance of high levels of integrity, treating others with respect and learning from their masters.

In conclusion, striving to improve one’s leadership skills will help you to become a better and competitive employee. To ensure you are competitive enough in the organization so as to be given a high portfolio leadership position, you will have to develop leadership skills. These skills include communication, displaying confidence, maintenance of high levels of integrity, treating others with respect and learning from their masters (Right Management, 2013). By following these tips you will be able to stop judging yourself over effectiveness as a leader and focus on the team’s combined achievements.


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