Toy Evaluation PPT

***PLEASE DO ONLY SLIDES 8, 9, and 10****


Task: Create a PowerPoint presentation that evaluates how toys influence child development.

Step 1: Read these five Week Three Electronic Reserve Readings.

  1. Bradley, R. H. (1985). Social-cognitive development and toys. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 5(3), 11.
  2. Caldera, Y. M., & Sciarraffa, M. A. (1998). Parent-toddler play with feminine toys: Are all dolls the same? Sex Roles39(9/10), 657.
  3. Klinger, L. J., Hamilton, J. A., & Cantrell, P. J. (2001). Children’s perceptions of aggressive and gender-specific content in toy commercials. Social Behavior & Personality29(1), 11.
  4. Miller, C. L. (1987). Qualitative differences among gender-stereotyped toys: Implications for cognitive and social development in girls and boys. Sex Roles16(9/10), 473.
  5. Schwartz, L. A., & Markham, W. T. (1985). Sex stereotyping in children’s toy advertisements. Sex Roles12(1/2), 157.

 Step 2: Investigate four popular toys on the market today. Do the following:

  1. Choose one toy that promotes aggression.
  2. Choose one toy that promotes pro-social behavior.
  3. Choose one toy that encourages/discourages gender stereotyping.
  4. Choose one toy that encourages/discourages cultural stereotypes/differences.

Step 3.  Create a 14-slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker’s notes (at least 150 words of written speaker notes for each slide).  Follow the outline provided.

  • Format your presentation according to APA standards wherever possible.
  • In the speaker notes, use subheadings to breakup large paragraphs!
Slide 8
  1. Explain how Toy selection #1 promotes aggression
  2. Explain how Toy selection #2 promotes pro-social behavior
  3. Explain how Toy selection #3 promotes/discourages gender stereotypes.
  4. Explain how Toy selection #4 encourages/discourages cultural differences
150-words (minimum) of speaker notes Name of Person doing this slide:
Slide  9 How do the four toys in slide 8 influence behavior, self-concept, and identity? 150-words (minimum) of speaker notes Name of Person doing this slide:
Slide 10 From your review of the five ERR readings and your examination of actual toys on the market, how do some toys increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior in children?

  • Under what circumstances might this occur?  Explain.
150-words (minimum) of speaker notes Name of Person doing this slide:

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