***PLEASE DO ONLY SLIDES 8, 9, and 10****


Task: Create a PowerPoint presentation that evaluates how toys influence child development.

Step 1: Read these five Week Three Electronic Reserve Readings.

  1. Bradley, R. H. (1985). Social-cognitive development and toys. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 5(3), 11.
  2. Caldera, Y. M., & Sciarraffa, M. A. (1998). Parent-toddler play with feminine toys: Are all dolls the same? Sex Roles39(9/10), 657.
  3. Klinger, L. J., Hamilton, J. A., & Cantrell, P. J. (2001). Children’s perceptions of aggressive and gender-specific content in toy commercials. Social Behavior & Personality29(1), 11.
  4. Miller, C. L. (1987). Qualitative differences among gender-stereotyped toys: Implications for cognitive and social development in girls and boys. Sex Roles16(9/10), 473.
  5. Schwartz, L. A., & Markham, W. T. (1985). Sex stereotyping in children’s toy advertisements. Sex Roles12(1/2), 157.

 Step 2: Investigate four popular toys on the market today. Do the following:

  1. Choose one toy that promotes aggression.
  2. Choose one toy that promotes pro-social behavior.
  3. Choose one toy that encourages/discourages gender stereotyping.
  4. Choose one toy that encourages/discourages cultural stereotypes/differences.

Step 3.  Create a 14-slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker’s notes (at least 150 words of written speaker notes for each slide).  Follow the outline provided.

  • Format your presentation according to APA standards wherever possible.
  • In the speaker notes, use subheadings to breakup large paragraphs!
Slide 8
  1. Explain how Toy selection #1 promotes aggression
  2. Explain how Toy selection #2 promotes pro-social behavior
  3. Explain how Toy selection #3 promotes/discourages gender stereotypes.
  4. Explain how Toy selection #4 encourages/discourages cultural differences
150-words (minimum) of speaker notesName of Person doing this slide:
Slide  9How do the four toys in slide 8 influence behavior, self-concept, and identity?150-words (minimum) of speaker notesName of Person doing this slide:
Slide 10From your review of the five ERR readings and your examination of actual toys on the market, how do some toys increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior in children?

  • Under what circumstances might this occur?  Explain.
150-words (minimum) of speaker notesName of Person doing this slide: