Toyota and Avtovaz. Key success factors on Russian market.


This is a proposal that aims to compare the behaviour and business strategies of Toyota and Avtovaz on the Russian automobile market. The proposal begins by offering a background analysis of the proposed study, provides the problem statement, research question, and objectives. The research question is “What are the behaviours and business strategies of Toyota and AvtoVAZ in the Russian market?” It is based on the analysis of a behavior of two car producers on the Russian market through the prism of Porter’s five forces analysis. The proposal then dwells on the analysis of the literature that will be used in the study, the methodology, anticipated challenges, and ways of managing them.

What the Proposal Must Contain:

(a) TITLE PAGE (can be a preliminary title)

Annotated Outline
This is like a table of contents with explanations between the headings. Inside this Annotated Outline, you will place (using your own sub-headings) the following sections:


The Main Research Question


The Context (explain why you choose the subject and what you expect to learn)
The literature review for the Proposal (see below for explanation)
The Problem Statement (see below for explanation)

What kind of findings do you expect from your research?
How will you know that you found/learned what you have expected?

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