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Singapore Workforce skills qualifications (WSQ) are an established national credentialing framework. It trains, creates, evaluates and perceives people for the key capabilities that organizations search for in potential representatives.

WSQ is created in light of national gauges by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). WSQ is created to upgrade down to earth, available and reasonable abilities advancement for people. Stiehm et al (2002)

The key WSQ structure has four key parts. These incorporate;

  1. Competency guide

Competency outline a review of a division’s center capacities, key occupations and the comparing basic abilities which bolster the segment’s present and future business targets.

  1. Qualifications Framework

WSQ capabilities speaks to the accomplishment of learning results by and large indentified as sets of abilities for levels of work environment execution reflected in the attributes and recognizing highlights of every capability.

  1. Competency measures

Competency measures characterize the capacities, work, part, errand, information, abilities, process and steps. WSQ structure includes numerous competency guidelines indentified for key occupations. It is this module that characterizes the confirmations of demonstrate of competency.

  1. Curriculum, Training and Assessment Guides (CTAGs)

The educational programs, preparing and evaluation manage gives rules to the improvement of preparing projects and appraisal instruments. It indicates learning results, prescribed preparing hours, preparing and evaluation strategies and offices, assets that might be utilized to create preparing and appraisal materials and mentor and assessor prerequisites for compelling conveyance, Stiehm et al (2002)

VUCA Framework

VUCA is utilized to consider the unpredictability, Uncertainty, multifaceted nature and vagueness if general conditions. Instability is the nature of being liable to quick, noteworthy and visit change, for instance, fast changes on the planet market would call for critical changes to business choice changes generally the impacts might be antagonistic.

Vulnerability infers that these progressions might be capricious or even unforeseeable. Many changes in the corporate and business world are unusual thus compelling the supervisors to have the future choices make to be flexible.

Figure 1.0 VUCA Illustration

Unpredictability mirrors the assortment of the elements associated with everyday operations of the business world. These issues might be intercalated in this way settling on basic leadership riotous now and again.

Equivocalness is showed in an absence of lucidity and the trouble of seeing precisely what the change or circumstance is about. A few changes in the coordinate world are unpredictable and uncertain to the degree that most supervisors race to settle on choice however wind up falling flat since their answers for specific changes aren’t the correct ones for that specific circumstance.

These components introduce the setting in which associations see their present and future state. They exhibit limits for arranging and arrangement administration. They meet up in ways that either bewilder choices or hone the ability to look forward, prepare and advance. VUCA sets the phase for overseeing and driving. Johansen, Bob (2007)

The specific significance and pertinence of VUCA regularly identifies with how individuals see the conditions under which they decide, design forward, oversee dangers, cultivate change and take care of issues. When all is said in done, the premises of VUCA tend to shape an association’s ability to:

  1. Anticipate the Issues that Shape Conditions
  2. Understand the Consequences of Issues and Actions
  3. Appreciate the Interdependence of Variables
  4. Prepare for Alternative Realities and Challenges
  5. Interpret and Address Relevant Opportunities

For most contemporary associations – business, the military, instruction, government and others – VUCA is a pragmatic code for mindfulness and preparation. Past the basic acronym is a group of information that arrangement with learning models for VUCA readiness, foresight, advancement and intercession.


Relationship between VUCA environment and WSQ framework

There are numerous things that may be viewed as unpredictable, questionable, intricate and equivocal, in spite of the fact that the acronym VUCA has picked up footing in the course of recent years as a method for depicting the present business world. The undeniably rapid, rough and convoluted scene in which we work, one with new difficulties of innovation, globalization and changing workforce socioeconomics, leaves more obscure than any other time in recent memory and moves at proceeded with pace, changing the playing field out and out, Johansen, Bob (2007)

It’s critical that associations today can change, flex and adjust to the VUCA world around them to succeed, albeit numerous organizations feel uneasy at the possibility of progress. There’s a ton to acclimate to, understand and consider, yet fortunately, the learning advancements space doesn’t stop, using new and developing types of innovation for learning keeping in mind the end goal to enhance how associations work.

The present business world requires better approaches for considering, change to happen more promptly and on a bigger scale than any time in recent memory. WSQ is created in light of national principles by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). WSQ is produced to upgrade viable, available and reasonable abilities advancement for people. With WSQ, the pioneers prepared can adjust to the always showing signs of change world.


Putting resources into administration can connect the aptitudes hole, manage the effect of innovation and help take an association into the future, in spite of the VUCA world we wind up in. Initiative preparing has truly been tied in with preparing pioneers, yet with an absence of future pioneers in the present associations that must radically change.

The messages and aptitudes of initiative can never again be shifted from the best downwards; they should spread further and more extensive into an association, with the abilities flourishing at all levels. Generally, it’s tied in with conveying preparing that is more powerful, brings perpetual change and doesn’t cause an enormous elevate in preparing cost per individual.


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