Turtle Inc. South Padre Island


The Turtle Inc. South Padre Island is an area in the northern part of Padre Boulevard. It also falls south of the island of Padre. The mission of Turtle Inc. is to help, rehabilitate, and release sea turtles to the wild. The organization also helps in sensitizing the public on marine conservation of endangered turtle species (Sea Turtle Inc 1).

The south Padre Island is an excellent place for a holiday. The area falls within the tropical apex of Texas. It is between the Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The only connection of the island and the mainland is the two and half inches Memorial Bridge of Queen Isabella. The bridge acts as the biggest barrier and encloses about five thousand people. In addition, about one million visitors travel to the island every year. The island contains lively streets with commercial character. The streets also contain entertainment and recreational hubs. The area is usually free to visit during Tuesdays and Sundays within the week. In addition, it does not charge high fees (Sea Turtle Inc 1).

This site uses math in the creation of income from public donations and a gift shop. The application of math helps to sustain the organization within the scope of hard economics. The organization’s online gift shop is an entrepreneurial venture as a result of mathematical application of profit making. The site uses math in the addition of value to marine ecosystems, taking risks on sea turtles and sharing ideas on improving marine biology. Math helps to stretch the thinking of organization’s biologists and expand their ability to rehabilitate the injured turtles (Sea Turtle Inc 1).

The site uses science through promotion of marine biology. Various marine practitioners in the place advocate for the conservation of turtles. They teach children different types of marine living things. Individuals also receive an opportunity to adopt nests and sea turtles. Income from the adoption helps in the Marine Wildlife Conservation Program. The site uses science in the rehabilitation of about forty to one hundred sea turtles annually. They apply science to conserve the endangered species of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and America. The application of basic principles of science propels the organization’s cause of marine conservation. The application of math is evident in the organization through the maintenance of health in the ocean ecosystems (Sea Turtle Inc 1).

I was in Turtle Inc. South Padre Island just some while back.My impression of the place is that it is a vast setting that offers fantastic help to sea turtles. I remember we went to see the nesting site close to the Andy Dowell Park. I found it interesting. We learned a lot. For instance, I learnt that there is a need to advocate for conservation of endangered species and one can adopt some wildlife and play a signisicant role in protection of wildlife. I also went to the sea turtles tanks. When I saw them, I was so happy because it was my first time to see such creatures. The caretakers gave a moving presentation that provided further insights about sea turtles and the activities of the organization. The guards said that the organization is a hospital for turtles that cannot survive in the wild because of injuries. I found myself attracted to the mission of the place. The visit was a great life changing experience (Sea Turtle Inc 1).

In conclusion, this is my site visit report to the Turtle Inc. South Padre Island. The essay provides key insights of my visit to the island. I like sea turtles and I found the place ideal in marine biology. It applies math and science to solve day-to-day challenges. I feel that Turtle Inc. South Padre Island is a fantastic place for families to visit. Visitors get close to sea turtles. It also plays an essential role in conservation of endangered marine wildlife.


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