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Students of Biology or Zoology often face assignments on different characteristics of vertebrates. provides all necessary support to the students of biology and zoology who are struggling with their assignments especially given on different topics of vertebrates. Writers specialized on ‘vertebrates’ makes the job easier, faster and focused. Animals with distinguishable backbone or spinal column are called vertebrates. There are over 60,000 species of vertebrates like mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes.

Most of the large land animals like humans, monkeys or cats are vertebrates. There are innumerable sea animals, like whales who are also vertebrates. In spite of all these varieties, only 5% of all animal species are vertebrates. The remaining 95% of animals are invertebrates that don’t have a distinctive backbone like the insects, mollusks, and arthropods. This is the main distinguishing factor in vertebrates and invertebrates.
Difference Between Vertebrates and Invertebrates
The complex but highly active central nervous system of the vertebrates differentiates these species of animals from the invertebrates. The vertebrates are the only chordate group to show prominent cephalization. A peripheral nervous system in vertebrates comes out from the nerve cord and innervate the various organs and systems. The anterior part of the nerve tube is extended by the thickening of the walls and enlargement of the central canal of the spinal cord into forebrain (pros encephalon), midbrain (mesencephalon), and hindbrain (rhomb encephalon).

Different types of Vertebrates
1. Aquatic – Few aquatic vertebrates like fish have scales. Different shapes of fins are attached throughout the body for controlling movement. Fishes are found both in freshwater and seawater. Fish performs external fertilization.
2. Amphibians – These animals live both in water and land. Their skin is normally very thin and used for breathing. Amphibians perform external fertilization.
3. Reptiles – Like fish, the body of a reptile is covered with scales. Reptiles breathe through lungs and mainly lives on land. There are some reptiles like snake and lizard which can swim well in water and gets some prays from the water. Reptiles show internal fertilization and females lay semi-hard shelled eggs.
4. Aves – Body of birds is covered with feathers and they can fly in the air with their wings and breath through lungs. They show internal fertilization and females lay hard-shelled eggs.
5. Mammals – This category of vertebrates has very prominent internal organs and females have mammary glands with which they feed their young ones. Most mammals are viviparous, i.e. their offspring grow up to a certain age inside female’s body and feed through placenta.
Vertebrates Assignments – An Overview
A vertebrate is a topic studied under Zoology. It basically involves the study of the animal kingdom, their diversity, habitats, and their ecosystem. This study integrates theory, weekly practical sessions, lab work, and assignments. Besides classes and lab work, assignments are a major concern for a student as they find it hard to come up with them. Writing an assignment seems a task as it requires deeper research and knowledge. Topics covered in the semester are included in the assignment for better understanding.

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