Get help for Walden University PUBH 6475 Homework Help. When planning a health promotion program, the behaviors and conditions you seek to address must be clearly articulated early on. Working with community members to develop a clearly defined mission and specific and measurable goals is an important step. To prepare for this Discussion, consider an HIV prevention program being proposed by a professor at a local university. The program is being funded by a national HIV/AIDS service organization. The professor has also identified the following stakeholders: two community organizations active in HIV prevention, the local health department, and various community members. By Day 5, post your assessment of whether or not you expect the identified stakeholders will have difficulty setting program goals, and explain why. Identify additional stakeholders that should be involved in the planning process and explain why you chose them. Describe the collaboration strategies you would use to avoid turf struggles and ensure that all stakeholders have a sense of ownership over the program. Explain why these strategies would work.

This Discussion will be available from Day 1 through Day 14 of this module. While you are required to submit your initial post by Day 5, you are encouraged to post early. Once you have submitted your initial post, start responding to your colleagues by providing your assessment of the choice of stakeholders and collaboration strategies proposed by your peers. Also, provide a justification for your assessment. Support your work with specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. By Day 10, post an update on the progress you are making on your Health Promotion Program Proposal. Topics for discussion include methods used to assess the health needs of your chosen community, how program stakeholders were identified, collaboration strategies you propose, and program goals and objectives. This Discussion will be available from Day 1 through Day 14 of this module. While you are required to submit your update by Day 10, you are encouraged to post early. Once you have submitted your initial post, begin reviewing the responses of your colleagues. Provide your assessment of the methods used to determine their community’s needs and proposed collaboration strategies.

If Mr. Smith simply gives you that blank stare, subtract two points. That was too easy. If Mr. Smith walks out of the room and you have a substitute the next day, that’s ten points! 03. The next example only works on very long projects. You know that one project your teacher gets really enthusiastic about, they light up and get all emotional? That’s the one we’re targeting! This is the big one. You have to be very patient and not ruin your chance at this golden opportunity by asking any of the other questions. Be sure to fake some interest in this assignment. Do all the minor assignments leading up to and serve the end goal of the project. Attend class and take notes. Research in the library and print out your rough drafts. Continue to complete all assignments in class and do your homework as well. Turn everything in and be sure everyone else does as well.

Be sure to have all your classmates on your side. Bribe them if you have to, but be positive that nobody actually completes the final project. Simply stare at your teacher when they ask, “Okay, who wants to present their project first? Simply look around at all the other completely empty desks and ask, “That was for a grade? If your teacher has tremors that last more than two class periods, give yourself five points. If your teacher leaves the classroom but comes back before the bell rings smelling of any kind of smoke, you’ve earned ten points. If your teacher fails the entire class, subtract sixty points and never mess with this badass teacher ever again. If your teacher requires medical assistance, give yourself thirty points! Want more funny stories about school? 04. Here’s the one where you ought to be a natural. Act up and act out. Be a pain. Be the most obnoxious student ever, but within limits.

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