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The reason is that the recipient will remember the occasion when he looks at it in the future. I keep what I call a “warm fuzzy file.” It consists of notes of thanks, birthday cards, drawings and photos with sentimental value. They are encouraging and heartwarming. I am always disappointed when there is no date to remind me of the occasion if it’s not coming to me. Dating for personal than you notes can be written in any form you choose. Now it is time to get started with the message. The greeting need not be fancy. Most people will begin their note with “Dear Rebecca.” That is standard and appropriate in every situation. The opening is the most important part of the message. You want to get right to the point, which is to express your gratitude and recognize their thoughtfulness, kindness, and/or generosity. I am so thrilled with the quilt you sent and I so appreciate your taking all the time and care that went into making it.

I feel so honored. Thank you so much for the amazing quilt. What a treat. I am so thrilled. How can I say adequately thank you for the beautiful handmade quilt? I am so deeply touched for the time, labor and love that went into making it. What a privilege to receive one of your famous works of art. To receive a handmade quilt is a really big deal. Even if you don’t like it, you can at least appreciate the love, time, and labor that went into it; so Aunt Wilma needs a very enthusiastic thanks. A simple “Thank you for the quilt. It was very nice of you,” sounds rather ho-hum and generic. In these three examples, the writer is showing deep pleasure and gratitude. It is not going too far by expressing your being honored. Quilts are expensive and time-consuming to make. It can be a painstaking process. Aunt Wilma does not pound out a quilt a week, and she seldom gives them away because of the cost, time, and labor.

So this writer is most appropriately honored to have received one. Thank you so much for the beautiful scarf. It was so thoughtful of you. Thanks for the nice scarf. It was nice of you. Do you see the difference? The first one uses the words “so much,” “beautiful scarf,” and “thoughtful.” Whereas the second one is nondescript and general. Of course, there are other situations for which you write a thank you note. But the same guidelines apply. If you went to a dinner party or stayed the weekend with a friend, thank your hostess/host for her/his/their hospitality and recognize their kindness in having you. Thank you so much for your hospitality this weekend. Rick and I so enjoyed our stay there. It was so kind (generous, thoughtful, etc) to have us to your home for the weekend. Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. I am so thrilled and honored to receive an Aunt Wilma original quilt. It looks so lovely on the bed. Jack and I were pleasantly surprised to see the same shade of blue in the flowers as the paint in our bedroom.

And it is so warm (the why’s). I know it will bless us for many years. I will always see your love when I look at it. I am the envy of my friends (how it will bless). I want to thank you so much for the quilt. It is just beautiful. It means so much that you took the time and care to make it just for me. It looks great on the bed and it is so warm (the why’s). I am looking forward to many more years of the warmth and beauty it provides. A little less flowery, but expressive nonetheless. You want to be true to who you are. If you are simple, you can keep it lovely in a simple way. Again, you can use the why and how with most other thank you messages. Thank you so much for your hospitality this past weekend. Rick and I so enjoyed our stay there.

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