Week 7 Religious studies


Question 1

There are so many denominations in the Christian religion due to a variety of reasons. The major cause of the split in denominations can be dated back to the ancient times of the Roman Catholic. Many believers such as Martin Luther King questioned the behavior of Roman Catholic Church leaders who had diverted their attention to political matters and ignored their roles as spiritual leaders. This disagreement and diversion prompted the protestant reformation that resulted in subdivision of the church. Most of the denominations are a result of disagreements in the interpretation of the scriptures. For example, many denominations are separated by the issue of how baptism should be carried out. Different people interpret the bible differently and always end up building their own religions to teach in the ways they fill is correct. Further, in the modern world, more denominations are emerging out of man’s self interest. There are many denominations today that are in a state of self-destruction as they are being led into wrong-doing by people promoting their personal agendas.

Question 2

Synoptic gospel is a term used to refer to the three books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. All these books present the story of the life Jesus and His teachings while on earth. The Christian religion is based on the life and significance of Jesus Christ. The three books are very important because they teach Christians what is expected from them. The term is important given that the three books forms the foundation of Christianity.

Response to Essie

You provided good responses to both questions. However, your explanations failed to answer part of the asked questions. For example, you were able to give the main reason why there are so many Christian religions but failed to give a minimum of three reasons as expected. You also gave a very good explanation on the meaning of the term “synoptic gospel” but failed to state why the term is important to people reading the bible. Thank You

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