I have already chosen the community for my ethnograpy. It is a community that has always interested me because they are the people that bring trend and beauty to our world. It is the subculture known as the beauty industry. Each time I attend the hair show with my daughters, Andrea and Sarah, both are stylists, I am amazed at the innovations that are presented year after year. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone else comes along and raises the bar just a little higher! With each theme comes more creativity. Stylists are artists in every sense of the word. They use their talent to improve our looks, to create what God didn’t give us and to show us how easy it can be to upkeep it ourselves. It is a community made up of many from many cultures, and although they may speak different languages, they understand one another through hair and makeup. My daughter, Andrea, is one of the learning leaders at the Paul Mitchell School. I will interview her and get more insight into this mysterious and exciting world known as Cosmetology.

The community that I am most interested in doing is half marathoners/ rundisney community. I have been in this community for about three years now. I am interested in doing this community for my assignment because I know a lot about half marathons especially the way that Disney sets up half marathons like the expos and how they set up the courses. I have a lot of knowledge about what runners do for training, before races, during races, and after races. I also know many people that are involved in this community so it wouldn’t be difficult to find someone to interview with. My second community that I am thinking about doing is the Husky Pup Preschool/Early Childhood Education. This is a program that my high school offered. I have been apart of this class for four years. Through this class I was given the opportunity to teach children. I really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot about children’s development and ways to teach children effectively.

I know a lot about how the preschool runs and the different things the teachers have to do. This is defiantly another possibility for my ethnography. The first community that I am interested in is the Fire Department. The reason I am interested in that community is because I am trying to start a career in that field. I know only what some of my friends have told me about in their jobs. Like how they work about three days a week and that it’s a twenty-four hour shift. I also know that there is a medical side to it and that there are many different rankings, much like the military. I want to learn more about this community so I can see what type of things go on inside the fire station. That way I have a better understanding of the career I am getting into. Also I would like to make some kind of connection with the station so I may be able to get help into my job through some guidance from people in the firefighting community.

The second field that I would choose would have to be nursing so that I would have a better understanding of what my girlfriend does at work. I really only know what she tells me, which is that she stands all day and deals with some interesting people. I have always been curious to see what goes on in a hospital from an employee’s perspective so it would be interesting. Also I feel as though I will be seeing hospitals more often when I start doing paramedic school, so it would possibly give me an insight of what goes on after I bring a patient to the hospital. That way I have an advantage into the job I am starting. The first community that I am interested in is the Health department. I am currently interested into becoming an assistance physical therapist. Reason for that is because my aunt and uncle convinced me into becoming one, over the summer i spent a week overlooking what they do as registered physical therapists.

I observed how they took care of there patients and most of them were senior citizens. They were very careful with they patience as they perform the therapy, what i also did was do a bit a paper work, filing a few patience to what their reason is to having an appointment with the RPT’s. I want to learn more about becoming a physical therapist but for now i will start off as an assistant and eventually work my way up to becoming a physical therapists. I also want to learn the different types of ways to giving therapy to patience. The second field that i would choose would probably a photographer or film maker. The first community I am interested in is the Legal Community. Every area of this world is attached to some form of law or regulation. No matter what career you choose, there are laws that govern and influence.

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