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I also got feedback from my roommates on the night – before. Although no suggestions for improvement were made this was an invaluable as I said the presentation out loud. On the presentation day I was very nervous, however due to my preparation I was feeling quietly confident which helped a lot. I also followed Triffitt’s advice on making a good impression (see figure 3.1). I did not slouch, kept a confident posture and didn’t fiddle too much. My main problem now was getting my words out, I tried to pronounce my words concisely and I tried not to speak too quickly. My main problem was simply giving the talk, I am not generally the kind of person who needs to be the centre of attention, I prefer to fade into to background. Therefore I was obviously a bit nervous standing in front of a class were all eyes were pointed at me.

I found it very hard to keep the nerves away, however the techniques discussed defiantly helped and I’m sure I looked less nervous than I was. Apart from this I didn’t have any problems with any of the other aspects, my research wasn’t too difficult, and neither was learning the material. If I could do this presentation again one thing I would really like to do is give out information leaflets before my presentation started. This would mean my audience would be more aware of the issues surrounding my talk before I start. In addition if they were unclear of anything they would at least have something they could take away and have a look at. I have heard from numerous sources (including W. Triffit, 2002) that presenting gets easier with practise. This was my first ever presentation so I would hope next time I need to present a topic I am more accustomed to the pressures that come with it. Therefore I hope I am able to cope with it a lot better.

For 40% of my Business and Professional Devlopemement coursework mark I was required to write a broadsheet style newspaper article. These two forms that I used to good in producing my article, I will discuss how I used them to help produce my article later. Whether you are writing an essay, answering an examination question or creating an article as in my case there are many benefits that can be gained from careful planning. I am speaking from experience as I have found that whenever I have taken time to plan a piece of work I have saved a lot of time in the long run. My initial planning was very basic, however I feel it was very effective, I constructed a spider diagram or ‘mind map’, (see appendix 6), this helped me visualise the problem I faced. I then started to plan the basic outline that my newspaper article was going to take.(see appendix 7). This proved to be invaluable as when I was conducting my research u knew exactly what I needed.

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