Fly fishing — it doesn’t work, does it? What makes the two different? Yes. Type of fish? Yes. Or is it the bait? Well, I guess you can. Marketing is not any different than fishing. You can’t catch flounder in fresh water or blue gill in salt. Stop throwing out the fly without the line. Start the exercise by hand to get the “feel” of it. Step 1: Grab a blank sheet of paper. On the left, create the first column. Keep it simple and write just the name you remember. Don’t be kind be truthful. Continue down the column. Location, US, UK, Australia. Number of children. How long a client. Find the gap between the two? Describe the type of ideal client you want. Feeling some reluctance in taking the time to do so? This exercise deserves repeating regularly. Or comparing one year to another. After three, once a year.

We’d like to hear from you which app you liked the most, and which one helped you the most in your everyday work. Bonus: Download our ultimate list of best and free to use pocket lab apps, and find one that best suits your needs. No matter how good we are at our jobs, it’s never a bad idea to have a manual, just in case. Luckily, we are surrounded by advanced technology which makes it possible to have a manual on our smartphones, instead of carrying it as a book. There will always be prejudice towards those using these apps on workplaces, but it’s also irresponsible to act as we know it all. Why wouldn’t we use the benefits of technology, as it’s always better to check twice before doing anything. Doctors, students, lab staff or patients won’t lose anything if they choose to use these apps as their personal assistant. Actually, we believe that there will come a time where not using these apps as a form of self-control will be considered as irresponsible. And in the end, we have to be aware that none of these apps can be a substitution for doctor’s knowledge and expertise. It can only be his assistant or a pocket manual.

Along with this they are required to adhere to safety factors using Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards that your particular career must follow. Find an article of your choice that discusses what you can do to stay current on OSHA standards or the Green movement. How will this help you to progress professionally? Write a 3-page article review following the Assignment format below. Save your Assignment in MS Word format and submit it in the Dropbox for Unit 5 Assignment. Make sure that you save a copy of your Assignment. Your future financial needs will be based on the income you can reasonably expect to receive in your field and planning. Using thetemplate provided, estimate what your budget may look like in the future. Save your Assignment in Word format and submit it in the Dropbox for Unit 8 Assignment. Make sure that you save a copy of your Assignment. In this course you have learned about professional presence in your desired field. Now it is time to look at what you have learned and how you will proceed as a professional. Click here to take the Self-Assessment Survey again. Compare the information you recorded in the Unit 1Journal with your results from Unit 1 and how you feel now. Using your PowerPoint Presentation from Unit 4, add five additional slides to your presentation that cover the five areas listed below.

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