What I Learned in My Class



The discussion about how personality differences and values can affect behavior in an organization impressed me the most. It taught me that people have different values and personal traits and these affect the decisions they make and how they perceive their environment. Understanding each individual’s personality differences is a key factor in ensuring harmony in an organization.

Deep level diversity are those differences in an organization, that are brought about by attitudes, personal differences, traits, values, perceptions to various environments as well as people’s beliefs . They can be communicated through verbal and non-verbal behaviors.

Copying with personality diversity was my main challenge. I am an international student and in this institution, I know just few people. Understanding our personal differences makes it hard for me to get along with most students here, and I end up choosing to stay alone rather than having conflicts often.

To ensure my job satisfaction, it is necessary to make a good relation with my workmates. It is also necessary to have a good perception about my job. In addition, copying with the different diversities will help me get along with my workmates for a healthy working environment.

I can motivate others and myself by encouraging them to team up. Teamwork is very helpful in an organization since it brings people close for a better understanding of each other and this creates harmony. With team work, it is easy to achieve set goals and targets, thereby avoiding any frustrations that might arise from failure.

In case a group lacks a formal leader, I would not be able to step up in the gap because I lack some key leadership qualities. I am shy and not good when it comes to communicating with others. Communication is a key skill that a leader must exhibit to enable good coordination of functions within a group.

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