According to Jay Winiks essayJohn W Booth and George Atzerodt killed Lincoln and Johnson, Lincolns cabinet runs the union army,Edwin Stanton is in control of the Federal Government right now which the  Eisenschinimls hypothesis which is based on truth whichcontends,that Edwin Stanton was the mastermind of the LINCOLN ASSASSINATION.Meaning Stanton is head of the DEPT of WAR who is responsible for reassigning General Grant somewhere else, instead of guarding President Lincoln at the theater,under Eisenschinimis theory the roads were cleared for John Wilkes Booth to escape WASHINGTON. Therefore the South under General Lee becomes a guerrilla operation hiding in the Mountains breaking into sections in the wooded areas of Virginia.

Moreover, hiding in the woods and running out attacking the union troops,after the Lincoln assassination using this confusion or situation to gain advantage,thus changing the whole events of the civil war.Therefore Jay Winiks altenative history concept is bascially based on reality,was STANTON changing the course of Government and felt Lincoln being alive would hinder the CONSTITUTION because of Lincoln views of the STATES that are processed through the federal Government,or was EDWIN STANTON worse than Lincoln this view remains to be seen.

This would be a great victory for the South by bringing General Lee into the master plan of the conspiracy of planning the down fall of the federal government and keeping the confederate forces alive by having Lee fake an surrender,in conjuction with the murder of Lincoln.The Southern prime reason for the assinassination of President Lincoln was his approval of the Dahlgren raid on Richmond Va.which Dahlgren and his men failed taking over RICHMOND Va.Conspiracy theorists feel Juda Benjamin who was Jefferson Davis Secretary of State who may of been an co consprator with Edwin Stanton was deeply involved in the plot to kidnap and kill President Lincoln but Benjamin set fire to all his written records, before Richmond was evacuated.Subsequently Bejamin escaped the United States to London England to practice LAW until 1883 and died in PARIS on May 61884. 

Consequently could thisCONSPRIACY been preplanned from this CANADIAN COMMITTEE from Canada which involves men such as Jefferson Davis and other Confederate members who may of had connections to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and many other RADICAL Republicans,Look money talks in Washington DC could Stanton bought off,President Davis for the assinassination of President Lincoln to fullfill the RADICAL RECONSTRUCTION of the South,meaning by today standards this new society would create Jobs that would enslave or Slavery for White and Black in the deep South,such as today the example would be jobs in MEXICO and VIETNAM ,more work and less pay thus the concept of SLAVERY would be more of a reality by the hands of the CORPRORATE NORTH. 

This was not unusal for a Northern politican such as Stanton to be involved with an Southern Nationialist like Benjamin,and may of had connections with people such as Jefferson Davis, and even General Robert Lee, the organization was called the circle of the Conferaterates the uprising of the concept of SOUTHERN NATIONIALISM.Look Edwin plan came alive the night of Lincoln going to the theater and being shot by John Wilkes Booth and his sidekick Lewis Powell Payne attempted to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward but only manage to hurt Seward by knifing him in which the Secretary of State fought Lewis off.

Although at the same time George Atzerodt was supposed to have murdered Vice President Johnson which in reality this did not happened,of hearing of what Atzerodt did not do did not make Edwin Stanton smile at all so, with this in mind Stanton over rides Johnson himself to be DICTATOR of Washington DC.However Stanton knew that Lincoln running of the country was close to pure Communism and was not good for anyone in the NORTH or the South at that Edwin Stanton felt Lincoln could of advoided this war at all cost, and maybe draw up a civil rights plan between the North and South but this concept did not happen at all

.President Lincoln in Stanton mind had to be stopped at all cost,look in Edwin Stanton mind a plan of a RADICAL RECONSTRUCTION would put the blacks and whites on equal footing and build a better industrial base for them both a new society for all.what it really comes down to the fault would be of President Lincoln  ordering General Shermans death march in the Southern territories to burn and raped citys from GEORGIA to NORTH CAROLINA thus was this the excuse to infuse RECONSTRUCTION food for thought HUMMMM.

However could Edwin Stanton be the master mind yes very possible with his position in the Lincoln Administration and his connections with the federal military  complex of the time and his secret connection with the shadowy confederate adjenda.Thus the Confederates become more of a terroist group threatening to blow up the WHITE HOUSE and also take Andrew Johnson hostage,so by this happening General Lees forces will make a statement about General Shermans death marches into the South which destroyed many towns and cities President Lincoln plan of Reconstructions to build railroads and INDUSTRIALIZE many parts of the South.Consequently Edwin Stanton wanted to do more than Lincoln in the process of RECONSTURCTION such as the concept of equal opportunity SOCIAL  UTOPIA of the South and beyond building a new Government of the United States of America.

Therefore creating an grand plan or a Southern territory that has a industrial base created by the NORTHISM or YANKEE influences, which is not really based on Southern Nationialism at all could be a prime problem for WASHINGTON in 1864.Meaning this is the Lincoln Administrations task of rebuilding SOUTHEREN CITIES,which would create manufacturing and equality for BLACKS and WHITES a new form of RACIAL existence.The question is could this concept work we will never know because of PRESIDENT LINCOLNS DEATH in 1864, in Alternative history.  

General Robert E Lee field work could undermind EDWIN STANTONS and the North’s concept of Surrendering,maybe  pushing a great SOCIAL STATEMENT that reconstruction may change much of the RURAL SOUTH,  OLD ECONOMY,  and main stream it to Northern industrialism,as Karl Marxs has often stated he was rooting for Lincoln all along,but understood the reasoning of Southern secession but Marxs felt that President Lincoln was going to bring the Republic together.In reality this is all ABE LINCOLN wanted to do from the onset ONE NATION UNDER GOD,whether Lincoln was manipulated by the railroads because of his earlier years of being a lobbist for Pacific Railroads the issue remains to be seen

The question is, what is the meaning of Reconstruction,therefore would it mean creating a society of EQUALITY from the ashes of General Shermans march that inflamed an destroyed many Southeren capitials and cities,in which the Lincoln Administration promised to rebuild many HOMES brick by brick  of most Southern cities during that time.In the opinions of many this should  not of happen at all and should been handled better than going to war,  according to Libertarin candidate DR RON PAUL and many critics of the civil war who contend , there be  a process of writing an Civil rights plan that would benefit all, and also an economic package for the SOUTH that would introduce the SOUTH to Northeren Industrialism and monetary boom for the future.

 According to Karl Marxs pushing the South into massive Reconstruction would not be such such a bad idea at all, their would EQUALITY and hopefully OPPORTUNITY for all. Thus is a grand exsperimentation of SOCIALIZATION of two indivisiuals BLACKS and WHITES in Southern society such as affordible living and even in the work place this would be a socialistic paradise of such,maybe this is what Robert E Lee and other were fighting for to progress the SOUTH to the life style to the rewards of the NORTHEREN ELITE.Consequently the  NORTHERN YANKEE would be more in control of the SOUTHERN DESTINYthan most Historians,would believe. 

Interesting concept I am not saying General Lee would of approved of the concept of Reconstruction but would prefer maybe more of a Civil rights Bill as I was writing about in my essay of alternative history the question is what if congress passed a civil rights bill in 1861,this would be a bold compromise.In reason it would be a plan to reeducated the BLACK MAN of his rights and allowed him to become a major force in the SOUTH which would give him equal rights and equal freedoms,with land and industries with a growing south this would be ahead of LINCOLNS time but it would stop the concept of WAR,and create peace between the NORTH and SOUTH for all time.However what burned in the mind of Robert E Lee was Union General Shermans march towards Southeren cities which was a attempt to end the civil war fast , by destroying and setting major Southern cities to flames.This was cruel and unreasonable of the Lincoln Adiministration at best contends General Lee with a smell of revenge THE CONFEDERACY WILL NOT SURRENDER AT ANY COST, General Lee told his men. 

Therefore could Edwin Stanton  of been a great Statesmen intellectually, and felt by eliminating President Lincoln,and became a leader in Washington Stanton may of rewritten the wrong doing done by President Lincoln himself,his motives for supporting a Civil war in the first place(1.to establish a federal tax code and to protect the ports that were taken over by the SOUTH(2.to encourage protectionist policys of the Union and the Moreill tarriff of 1820 (3.Arresting and harassing journalists and others, who may dissagreed with the CIVILWAR(4 Lincoln believed that STATES do not have rights at all,therefore he may not does not care about the founding fathers ideals at all. 

Although there may of been RACE issues but both Blacks and whites could live in peace and be gainfully employed amongst some form of INDUSTRIALISM and TECHNOLOGY developed by the union hummm very interesting I say could this could be UTOPIA the dream of Karl Marx and many others abroad,this concept would be ahead of its time for America and beyond the concept of an SOCIAL DEMOCRACY.Lincoln may of had 4 terms in office such as FDR during the thirties and 40s.Although if the CIVIL WAR did not exsits Lincoln would of found a way of creating an internationial war in Europe,and could prolong this European war for several years, this would create jobs and Economical benefits, for the United States of America and thus making it the most powerful NATION STATE in the world.

Eventually this means President Lincoln would serve a fourth term such as FDR in the 40s during WWII actually the Lincoln Administration coined the term the NEW DEAL even before FDR came to office in 1932.However was Lincoln a true SOCIALIST or a RADICAL REPUBLICAN for Mr Stanton,apparently Stanton felt Lincoln was a DICTATOR to the Declaration of the founding Fathers of our country.

President Lincoln could of pushed his concept of all men created EQUAL, from not creating an massive threat to the Southern adjenda thus the concept of creating Northern Industrailism in the SOUTH without forcing the SOUTH to accept the concept with out fighting against it,maybe more harder than what it seems.Meaning I feel Lincoln is selling the CONCEPT of socialism in the South improving the South maybe Edwin Stanton is more of a fan of Lincolns than he wants to believe.Subsequently EDWIN STANTON had the means and motive to murder President Lincoln in the 1860s,Lincoln was somewhat of a DICTATOR and was an threat to many people such as STANTON,thus Secretary Stanton was lending his ears to the manufaturing center that was profiting from the CIVIL WAR at the time,so Stanton may of thought Lincoln policys were too PEOPLE CENTER in the new concept of the REPUBLIC.

I assume Edwin Stanton was pro Corprorate with a  NORTHERN base that had nothing to do with the SOUTH at all hummm food for thought.Thus the South was basically an SLAVE to Northeren proganda that amounts to Corporate and federal CLASS WARFARE.Yes Stanton may of been a member of the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE this involved many Union officers, and politician, and the JAMES BROTHERS FRANK and JESSIE to boot in this new organization or cult signature THE SOUTH WILL RISE again.  






Therefore the South would have to be part of a new form of  Federal Government, I do not feel that Jefferson Davis and company could run away from this concept of putting together a new federal Government at all.However could the example of the American civil war be compared to the revolutions of Cuba and Latin America.Then again General Lee and James Longstreet were Marxist in a sense they were for SOUTHERN rights which entails protecting their farmlands, and  families,  also to be represented in Washington DC fairly and Right,and sharing the values of PresidentThomas Jefferson the question is  could this be Marxism at that?

Although from what I was reading in the book Unfinished Revolution by ROBIN BLACKBURN Karl Marxs was pro union and supported President Lincoln and his Administration views. Dr Marxs reasoning is that the Federal Government would create jobs and establish the working mans union,thus the International Workmans Association organization which was very popular in France, and England, and was gaining the support of German immigrants in the United States.Actually the Union movement was the basis of GERMAN IMMIGRANTS who came to the United States,and very aware of the Karl Marxs movement in Europe at the time.

Consquently Washington DC is turning into a Marshall Law state, that needs to elect Leadership fast according to Jay Winik could this leader be Secretary of War Stanton although in reality after Lincoln death EDWIN STANTON worked in the Andrew Johnson administration In my essay EDWIN STANTON could be the new   Military leader or Dictator,  the federal Government would be under military control until they find General Lee and his troops hiding in the Mountains of Virginia and Tennessee.

However Professor Buddy Levay believes on the show Decoded,Secretary of War Stanton was part of a real conspracy of enlisting an fake John W Booth whose real name was Boyld eventually was shot down in an barn in Virginia.whereas Booth left the area two days ago and spent many years living in India under the last name ST Helena according to the show Decoded interesting theory.In reasonthere were momentsofJohn Booth under a another name seen in other TOWNS throughout the Southern landscape even his relatives feel its JohnWilkes Booth but under an assume identity hummmm interesting at that.

Moreover this is a possible concept that Stanton had the means to protect the real Booth by having duped some former Veteran into being JohnWilkes Booth which escaped with David Herriod and eventually died outside an burning barn With this theory intact,Stanton had the means to murder Lincoln change the security  where Lincoln was watching the play AMERICAN COUSINS which General Grant was given different orders and EDWIN STANTONS belief in not ordering massive military security for the event and keeping the roads  clear for John Wilkes Booth to escape the perfect ASSASSINATION PLOT to murder President Lincoln.this concept would not be unusall at all John Wilkes Booth was brought into the plot was because of his POLITICAL beliefs and his issues about the Lincoln Administration and the CIVIL WAR itself of 1864.

Subsequently the Republican party under Abraham Lincoln had many Marxist policys such as creating the civil war to industrialize the United states and creating a centralized Government and using regionial banking to fund the broken south.Moreover Jefferson Davis may use the same concept such as Lincoln,the only difference Davis may incorporate an nationial sales tax.Jefferson Davis would logically have to do something to keep the War going for the South to win the War at hand.On the otherhand President Lincoln felt there should be a federal income tax that everyone who lives in the United States should pay eventually for years to come.

.However General Robert E Lee is winning with this new plan  of hit and run attacking the Union Army at every location General Lee is very good at doing this sinister deed.Therefore the question is were Booth and Herriod agents of Jefferson Davis who had his  plan well thought out in CANADA  to doom the North.Although this would not be impossible at all,one would have to understand this was The Souths roque CIA such as the KENNEDY ASSASSINATION of 1963.

.Furthermore this will put the South in a position to make a deal with the North 1864,On their terms Washington creating an policy which would allow the South to man their cotton business with northern help eventually the slaves were to be set free and Jefferson Davis would play a role in Washington as a Senator from California.

Davis may feel he could play an better role in this left wing role and being part of creating a new articles of confederation.thus a new democracy that encourage socialism that frees the slaves an allows equality all men are created equal.So in building a good character profile Jefferson Davis would have make the public forget him being the President of the South and the man behind the Murder of President Lincoln and the planner behind the concept of  GENERAL ROBERT E LEE not SURRENDERING AT ALL. Although History will record Jefferson Davis part in the Lincolns murder 100 years from now in1865 this will be hidden from his VOTERS for now.

Therefore this set the tone for a Meade/Longstreet ticket elected Government that distant itself from Marshall Law of the time of 1866 .Further Karl Marxs dream of utopian socialism may come about I feel this could happen both ways on the alternative history time line.Thus whether Jefferson Davis or Abraham Lincoln was in leadership socialism would be a reality.

So every player in the civil war conflict would eventually merge with the union and everyone in the government would rebuild the south such as Davis in the senate.However southern nationialism would not be the prime goal but the concept of universial nationialism. This would the champion and the prime reality of forming a new United states.Further a need to rebuild the South and establish working rights for all whether White or Black,thus another concept towards equality would be to establish an civil rights bill, that would give Blacks voting rights and the right to work where they want,therefore something ahead of its time in the mid 1860s the concept of segregation this would be a great package for congress to pass.

Therefore Longstreet as vice president/Meade as president and even Grant in the cabinet as secretary of state and Lee as secretary of War,the government would be a socialist merging point.Moreover this according to Karl Marxs would full fill anyone dream of utopian socialism,and an new form of democracy in the United States……..Could this be an prime example of Leninism and Stalinism rebuilding the new soviet union toward the concept of Industrial modernation,hummm food for thought.Subsequently it would be a concept ANARCHISM to bring about social change on the Southeren front to establish a socialist state to reunite a broken UNITEDSTATES of AMERICA for one Nation under GOD from years of death and destruction,to a new Nation that were encourage a new form of HUMAN RIGHTS and LAWS that will fullfill the concept that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. 

Ron Paul has often stated that the civil War was very unneeded and at best many lives were lost for no real reason at all.Consequently  this war called the Civil war should not of started at all accordng to Ron Paul. This concept was really about secession from the Union the SOUTH breaking off from the REPUBLIC of the United States to begin with according to Paul the freedom of whites, and Black races. were of no concern to EDWIN STANTON  a Radical republican at heart, during this period at all.Although if LINCOLN was a SOCIALIST it was an important cause,all men are created equal according to Marxs and Lincolns only plan of socialism contends Marxs can raise the bar.

In reason Dr Marxs felt the workmens nationial union or International Workers Assocaition would be one of the greatest movements, in the United States this would free the whites as well as the Blacks and raise the economy of the South as well as the Union.Lincoln speechs often added maening to this attitude of what his Administration wanted to happen for the future of the United States of American.Thus Edwin Stanton had other ideas a watered down RECONSTRUCTION ACT and a new form of Radical Republicanism hummm food for thought. Yet WHAT IF GENERAL LEE NEVER SURRENDER AT ALL,was actually General Lee being duped into a conspricay by the Knights of the Golden Circle,that years later,General Robert E  Lee eventually realized , its only was for the cause yes the Civil War should not of happened at all it was about GREED and the expanstion of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT….


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