What Nursing Colleges Wants


What nursing schools and nursing colleges are looking for? How do they define the right student? Number of voluntary services they do? Grades they score? Their ACT, SAT, or aptitude tests performances in private nursing schools? Why one nursing applicant is different from another?

There are different factors. The demand for nurses is high, equally high is demand on nurses. Nursing is not a 9 to 5 job, in private practice too. Nurses have to work for long time depending on their selected field, under lot of pressure. For emergency ward  nurses  may have to work for12-hours, 2 days running and have 2 days off and 2 days again back to work.

The right kind of person only can become a good and qualified nurse. Mild temperament, eye for minute details, good grades and the dedication to get the job done are virtues of a successful nurse. Schools and colleges today are looking for such qualities when they assess them. Nursing universities programs are designed to expose the student to nursing field realities. The classes are highly demanding.

Yet another demand of the nursing university program is clinical training. The nurses are asked to work in a hospital situation, doctor’s clinic to get the experience, practically. Exposure to the demands, emergencies, different personalities and patients can provide nursing college students an opportunity to decide if they are willing to pursue nursing career.

Nursing field offers many opportunities and education levels, specialization and certification. In the nursing field, ‘typical duties’ are many and directly in connection with a nurse’s field specialization.


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