0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Lots of people are having problems with this harassment thing. I am with a neighbor. I believe she killed my cat and teaching her special needs kid and her boyfriend how to do this. It started when she moved in and blew out of control when I had a stalker at work. It sounds insane but they do target people who can’t protect or defend themselves. You have to go all badass on them and stand up for yourselves. The police will only help if you go to the state police and get ppos . Install cameras too. Its a real socail problem that one is admitting to right now. Its to make you look crazy so get checked if they say you are and to deal with the stress.

Take video and pictures of them then just ignore and then threaten them right back. Most back down then the hangers on will become smaller and you be able to see who is involved and controlling the situation. I agree. There does need to be more exposure regarding this problem. It is complicated, though. It’s obvious why the instigators target single people who live alone. They are trying to avoid witnesses. When he responded to one call the neighbors accused me of photographing their son. I tried to show the officer that my camera was broken–my neighbor pretended to chase me when I got out of my truck, I ran, tripped, fell on my camera and it looked like an accordian. Seriously, that was his answer to my request for help, that I should spend the rest of my life hiding from these people? They need to acknowledge that these are different times requiring a unique approach toward gathering statements and evidence and stop making victims out of the targets of harassment. You are so CORRECT! It’s too horrible NOT TO TALK ABOUT AND OR NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

My Congressmen and Senators however will NOT take personal calls, so you are forced to talk to these “naive interns” who are clueless, about the violence we are dealing with. These inexperienced interns should not be put in that possession AT ALL! I really believe that’s an area, without a doubt, should have a major overhaul! It is quite disturbing, to me, after all my financial security has been depleted and a good citizen that follows the laws, should have to waste their time and breathe speaking to an inexperienced intern! By the way, someone keeps hacking into my computer, phone, and etc., well, I know who! It is truly a horrible situation to have to live “on high alert” and yet, ONE, must act, perfectly normal! One cannot show, for a moment, one is living under such “high stress”. Oh, get this, this is rich! One of these awful neighbors are putting a new roof on their home, as of yesterday!

WHAT GOOD ARE LAWS IF THEY ARE NOT ENFORCED? THAT’S WHAT NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED! I have completed a lot of research in the past few years about mobbing and was surprised to find how often it occurs. I am disgusted by what happened to you, but not surprised. One thing I did not see mentioned in the articles I read is that instigators tend to focus on people who are single or disabled and have difficulties defending and/or protecting themselves. Someone made a list of the steps people take in a mobbing and posted it online. I believe the people in my former neighborhood used this as a guideline, going down each step in order. I put my house on the market and was outside turning on the water to water the lawn when the officer involved in the case drove by. He got out of his car, shouted at me in front of the mobbing neighbors, and wrote a report explaining that he told me to remain inside my house and I did not comply. He was not planning to do anything to help me–that was his solution to the problem.

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