What to Put in Your Process Essays


Process  essays  are different from other forms of writing in that it describe a course of action in detail.  Rather than point out characteristics or argue a stance, its goal is to enlighten a reader by imparting the step-by-step process to achieving something in particular.  Informally done, process  essays  are often called how-to or instructional pieces, one of the most popular format of article writing.

When creating a process  essay  for class, you won’t need to cite references as strictly as you would in an opinion or a descriptive piece.  Since you’re imparting  a step-by-step procedure, it’s more important to pay attention to your descriptions as well as the different items (if they are present) the reader will need in order to replicate the process.

Apart from the actual how-to instruction, other items should also find a place in your process  essay .  The following list is a good guideline to follow:

  • Describe the process you are about to explain and give the reader a reason as to why it is important.
  • List down its potential effects.
  • Give the reader a clear description of materials, items or previous knowledge they need to have in order to successfully follow the instructions.
  • Inform the reader of other possible ways of accomplishing the same results.
  • Warn the reader of potential problems and difficulties in the process.

Writing Style

Process papers are normally best written in the second person, although some subjects (if the work is intended to show, instead of teach) may work better in the first person. Either way, make sure to use a good writing software to effectively express all of your points in the clearest manner possible.


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