Students can get assignment help from anywhere that is connected to their school/college that has given them the set assignment. One can go into school and ask teachers for any help but one can also ask other colleagues for any help that could improve their assignment. 2 people found this useful Why shouldn’t teachers assign homework to students? This is a question I know almost too well! The thing is with homework is that it is something that teachers give out to help us improve. They don’t just do it cause they think… it is fun watching us suffer, they do it because they know that we will benefit from it. This is coming from someone who most of the time has 8 assignments plus extra homework, sad I know. On the other hand, why should we be spending extra time outside of school doing work? Why can’t teachers just get it that we actually have other things to do besides going home and working.

I think that what they need to do is set a limit of how much homework people get. So it shouldn’t be that we go to school for 6 hours then come home, then do 3 or 4 hours of work, then go to bed! If any teachers are reading this, seriously, think about it! So there are two sides to this never ending argument, you have just got to decide what you think is the right answer. Another Answer I think that teachers should NOT assign homework to students simlpy beacuse kids need time to be kids, go hang out at a local community center with friends, bike, skateboard. We don’t need extra cericulum unless we really want to. I think it is the students choice if they want extra marks for the future but if you decide not to take the homework it will not effect your grade.

If kids are stuck in the house all day doing homework they have no chance to be healthy active kids. What is done at school should stay at school not be carried on to personal life. Bottom line, kids need a break. They have at least 8 hours of school a day sometimes 6 for small elementary schools. Should students have assigned seats at lunch? No because it makes the students bored sitting next to the people they might not even know. If random people like me dont like it, then students wont like it either. Share to: How are Student Advisors assigned to students? Student Advisors are assigned to students based on the students field of study? Share to: MBA AIOU Study Material Notes Presentations Assignments discussion forum Students Comments help in to make resolved assignments.? You can find many useful information and MBA subjects data and material for first 1st, Second 2nd, third 3rd and 4th fourth Semester of MBA from Allama Iqbal Open University. …. About infopk . MBA’s students around the world and Pakistan.

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