Check your local library and/or reach out to the student’s teachers or counselors for recommendations. If you are in the New York area you can also call the homework help line – a link is attached below. For online help (I believe you have to pay) I’ve attached another one. 1 person found this useful How can conributors be sure that they are not helping students get around the work in homework? Are Students using WikiAnswers to Cheat? They can’t. Any user might be a student trying to do easy research without the work. If you would like to discuss ways we could p…revent them from cheating, go to the Discussion and add your thoughts. How can contributors be sure that they are not helping students get around the work in homework? Homework We can’t. In fact there are many times that we know the question is a homework assignment by the way it is worded.

I look at it as though we are another research res…ource for them and that they understand that real people are writing these answers and along with that comes the possibility of inaccuracy in the answer. Not much different than using a search engine which I am sure is encouraged, except here with any luck several viewpoints will be expressed. In addition, for those who use the site to get answers to specific questions, like for specific math problems, there are ways of answering that can actually be beneficial to those students. For example, if they ask “What are the factors of 30?” instead of just listing the factors, you can include how to find the factors and then list them at the end of the answer. That way, they don’t just get the answer, they are told how to find the answer, too. Another example is “What is 27 times 18?” Instead of writing the answer only, we can go through the steps to finding the answer.

By doing that, at least we are providing the opportunity for students to learn if they are interested in learning. On a question like that, though, some creative writing helps to avoid allowing them just to copy our work and the answer. Homework questions can actually be fun to find creative ways of answering that both follow our guidelines and provide students an opportunity to learn. And the bottom line is that if students were not coming here to get answers, they would just be going to another site. That might sound lame, but it’s reality. More information: Actually, many students use this site for homework or report help at some point in time. In the case of some of the questions, you could almost be sure that the question was asked to do some research. However, some others could not possibly be for a school report. For example, think about all the pregnancy, cars, and relationship questions.

Most of those most likely are not for any class. Will doing more homework help students do better on exams? In my opinion studying is much more effective.. Homework helps you to better understand the work from class. It probably can because homework is practice you are taking home to learn better so if you practice something more then when you learn it you wont be shy to say the answer. Share to: What IT invention help student in their homework and activities? Share to: Homework doesn’t help students? It helps only if the student won’t study without it. Studying is still better. Share to: Is homework helpful for the students? Homework helps you practice what you learned so that you can learn it better. Share to: Does homework given to students help them study? Yes, when you complete your homework, you not only practice your lesson so you can learn it better, but you learn how to study and how to learn other things.

Share to: How does homework help students learn? Although “homework” can be many things, most homework is repetition of what is learned in class. The purpose of homework is thus in many cases to help students learn the subje…ct by repeating it’s content, as well as helping them to acquire good working habits at home. However, this is what is mostly considered as the purpose of homework. If it does in fact do this effectively is up for debate. How does no homework help students? It only helps the students who are already doing well in that class- homework is practice to help you learn more and remember whatyou’re learning. If you don’t ever have homew…ork, you’re not goingto learn as well as if you practice. Does background noise help students do better in homework? Soft instrumental music does helpyou study better – no loud noises, no heavy rhythm or beat and novocals, though.

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